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Putin Sworn In... Oprah's TV Channel's Losses Top $300 Million... Trumka Lowers Expectations in Wisconsin... Lugar Won't Commit to Backing Mourdock... Mother's Day for Feminists... Colombian Prostitute: Secret Service Agents Too Direct...

Takers Overwhelm Producers in France

RUSH: People are asking me, "What does this mean, the election of the avowed socialist in France, Monsieur Hollande? What does it mean?"  It means that France is gone. It means that there are more people on the take than there are producing, pure and simple.  They fell for it. Don't think Obama hasn't noticed this.

A Suggestion on Work Force Participation

CALLER: People want to know what they can do to defeat Obama.  Well, if unemployment, if U-3, were to reach 12% to 14%, he's unelectable. And guess what? The people listening right now in your audience, they can change it. They can make the U-6 number go down and the U-3 number go up by simply going down to the unemployment office and reporting that they're looking for work.


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