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Penn State Shelves Sweet Caroline ... Hollywood Celebs Wish Death on Republicans ... Where's the Outrage? Jindal Slams FEMA ... Fox Split Screens Obama ... GM Shuts Down Volt ... Dems Complain About Charlotte ...

Isaac Becomes Hurricane, Dems Celebrate!

RUSH: "Stop the presses! Stop everything! Stop the music! (silence) It's a hurricane! They just declared it a hurricane! It's a hurricane, all right! (applauding) Death and destruction during the Republican convention is now on tap!" I just demonstrated for you the activity that probably went on in every newsroom in this country.

1980: Here's How You Do a Convention

RUSH: There was nothing good about Jimmy Carter at that convention. The Republicans didn't spend time talking about what a nice guy he was. They didn't spend time talking about what a good old jovial guy he was, a guy who just didn't know what he was doing.

A Unified Convention Torn Apart?

RUSH: Everybody showing up in Tampa was unified, get rid of Obama, let's turn this country around, and now, whoever -- Romney, the party, the RNC -- whoever's doing it started this rules fight that's gonna tear everything apart.

Media Salivates for Split Screen Convention

RUSH: It looks now like they're not going to have live death and destruction in New Orleans during the actual primetime televising of the Republican convention. And that's what they were hoping for. So they'll have to make use of the videotape


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