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Gallup Shows Obama-Romney Tied...  Study:  Male Private Parts Shrinking... Buffett's BofA to Lay Off 16,000... The Last Day for My Mophie... ChiCom Economy Slowing Rapidly... Grill Pollution from Hamburgers Worse Than Trucks...

What's the Good Economic News, Exactly?

RUSH: I listened to this sound bite, the media montage of George Stephanopoulos and all the others on it going orgasmic about the economic recovery, and the things that they're saying. "Machine gunfire of good economic reports." "We finally hit bottom." "This recovery is really taking hold." "Another sign the real estate market could be improving." And I'm asking myself: What did I miss?

Why Liberals Sympathize with Militant Islam

RUSH: The similarities are scary. It's central command and control. No liberty or freedom. It's everybody living under dictates: What you can eat, what you can drive, where you can drive, who can drive, who will live and die, who gets health care and who doesn't. It's scary.

Obama Uses Rich Donors as Props

RUSH: If you are President Obama, and if you are going to make your bones on taxing the rich, if your entire reason for getting elected is to tax the rich and to focus on them, and they're not paying their fair share, what better could you do to illustrate it than hang around 'em amidst all their opulence? 


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