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New Orleans FEMA Trailers to NYC ... Argentina is Our Future ... Daniel Craig Says there'll Never Be a Bond, Gay Bond ... Obama's Approval Rating Drops Back Down ... We're Here for the Long Haul at EIB ... St. Lucie County Goes Blue ...

Hispandering: Is That What We Need to Do?

RUSH: Barack Obama, in coordination with the Mexican president, Felipe Calderon, was running television ads. The United States government was running television ads in Mexico targeted at Mexicans who planned on coming to the United States. And do you know what the commercials were about? How to get food stamps. Now, what is that? There's a word for that. It's called Hispandering.

Mitt Romney, Republican Minorities, are Hated By the Left

RUSH: Romney violates the Obama way to get things done, sort of like Clarence Thomas is despised by the Reverend Jackson and Al Sharpton. You know why? Because Clarence Thomas has become the most powerful in his position, he is the most eminently qualified for what he does, and he got there without going through the traditional prescriptions said to be necessary for African-Americans by the civil rights coalition.


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