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Thoughts on the Latino Vote


RUSH: I'm gonna give you a little think piece here, just a little stat.  Byron York had a piece over the weekend in the DC Examiner.  He said, (paraphrasing) "Yeah, the Republicans, if you want to focus on the Latino vote, go ahead, but you didn't lose the election because of it.  And if you want to focus on the women under-30 vote, go ahead, but you didn't lose the election because of it." Interesting stat.  More old white people, 65 and older, voted in the election than all the Hispanics or blacks combined.  Romney still lost.  This is not to say to not make an effort for the Hispanic vote, but if you're gonna go get the Hispanic vote as it exists today there are certain things you're gonna have to do, which we talked about earlier in the program, folks.

Family values to them is -- by the way, here's another little secret, you start talking about cutting government, that scares the heck out of people because they think that means cuts in state government, too, and, believe me, when it comes to the left and people that vote Democrat, family values is not about abortion or contraception or same-sex marriage or any of that.  Family values is about making sure the government is able to take care of the family. 

Now, Snerdley, you can shake your head all day long in there, all you want, but that's exactly what this election told us.  You might say, "Well, we woulda won if, if."  Yeah, well, the ifs didn't happen.  "If there'd been more people that voted."  Yeah, turnout was down.  Wonder why.  Why was turnout down?  Obama could have been beaten.  I don't want anybody to misunderstand here.  Obama could have been beaten.  The Republicans could have won this election.  And now, as they analyze why they lost, they're making the biggest mistake in the world in assuming that they have to go out and get the demographic vote that they lost because there's only one way to get it, and that's stop being Republicans. 

Why do you think the Democrats are so eager for Republicans to agree to amnesty?  Do you think the Democrats want to get rid of their voters? Do you think the Democrats want to share their voters with the Republicans?  Do you think the Democrats want to help the Republicans?  Well, so why are the Democrats saying, "You know, you guys, you need to agree with us on amnesty. You need to agree with us on same-sex marriage. You need to agree with us on all these social issues."?



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