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Anniversary of the Miracle on Ice


RUSH: Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Hi, Jim.  Open Line Friday, and you are next.  Hi.

CALLER:  Rush, thanks for taking my call.  This is sure a thrill.  I'll get right to it.  You know the famous quote about the first time as an adult I was proud of my country?

RUSH:  Oh, yeah.

CALLER:  Well, when I heard that, I guess it was in '08, I mean, I was angry, and then I got to thinking about answering it for myself, and it didn't take very long. I found the first time I was proud as an adult, and I thought of it within seconds.

RUSH:  When was it?

CALLER:  Oh, in fact, it was on this date, and I've been waiting for this call on this very date to tell you.  It was 1980, I was about 20, and it was when the US Olympic team beat the Russians in the Olympics.

RUSH:  Oh, yeah.  Do you believe in miracles?

CALLER:  That's the one.

RUSH:  Al Michaels doing the call.  That's right.  Our amateurs beat the Soviet Red Army thugs.

CALLER:  And, man, just talk about being proud to be an American. I mean, just telling you about it I'm getting chills.

RUSH:  And that was, for you, the proudest moment of your adult life as an American?

CALLER:  Well, it was the first time --

RUSH:  The first time.

CALLER:  -- as an adult I was proud to be an American.

RUSH:  That's fascinating.  Yeah, because what he's doing, he's bouncing off what Michelle Obama said in 2008 sometime, that the first time she was proud of this country was when it looked like her husband might actually have a chance to win the presidency.  Well, look, Jim, thank you for the call.  Thank you much.

CALLER:  Thank you.

RUSH:  This is the date.  Exactly right.  It's also George Washington's birthday.  Who?



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