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Biden: Americans are Tired of Being Tired


RUSH: This morning in Washington at the White House during the National Governors Association meeting... Oh. Speaking of that, we have audio sound bites of that with Obama talking to the governors, and he's laying out for them what's coming their way during the sequester, how they can avoid it, and how they can be his partner.

He had a big dinner for the governors. I think it was Saturday night, somewhere -- maybe the White House -- and the preferred seat, the seat of honor is always the seat to the right of the president. Who do you think the National Governors Association put there at the dinner? Who do you think was in the seat of honor next to Barack Obama? It was New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. He had the seat of honor. Here's Biden. Biden said this morning that Americans are just tired of being tired...

BIDEN: (whispering) I think American people are ready to get up. As a civil rights leader when I was coming up as a kid [said], "The American people are tired of being tired. I think they're ready to get up and move."

RUSH: Why aren't they? Where is there for them to go, if they're tired of being tired and want to get up and move?

What, is there a job for them to go get? No. What are they supposed to do? "The American people are just tired of being tired. They're ready to get up and move." What is this an admission of, by the way? "The American people are tired of being tired. They're ready to get up and move." What does he think you're all doing, just lounging around out there? You're finally fed up with lounging around and now you want to get up and move?



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