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Morning Update: Weight Control!

These are the words of Gretchen Reynolds, as they appeared in the New York Times. Quote: “One reason so many American women are overweight may be that we are vacuuming and doing laundry less often, according to a new study that, while scrupulously evenhanded, is likely to stir controversy and emotions.”

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The Left Comes for Bob Woodward

RUSH: As is the usual case, I, El Rushbo, make a joke about liberals, turns out it is not a joke.  At BuzzFeed, which is a website started by a guy who used to be at The Politico, at BuzzFeed, they've got a guy who is telling everybody that the real dirty secret in Washington is that everybody is just waiting for Woodward to die so that they can start dishing all the dirt on him that everybody knows.

Barack Obama's Masterful Demagoguery

RUSH: As insulting as it is to us, as depressing as it is to us, as frustrating and maddening as it is to us, what we are witnessing is masterful... We are watching masterful demagoguery. This guy is better than Bill Clinton. This guy is smoother, he's better, he's more accomplished, and the real genius of Barack Obama, he's been in office now for four years, and may as well not have been, because not one aspect of his agenda or policies explains what's happening in the country today, not one thing.


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