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Rush: A Celebrity Who Makes News


RUSH: Another sound bite, by the way. This afternoon on Fox News Channel, Happening Now. This is just moments ago.  Subject: Gay marriage.  The host, Jon Scott, was talking with the former New York Times correspondent Judith Miller, and this is how that went...

SCOTT:  Rush Limbaugh has said that the argument has been lost because, in his view, marriage ought to be between a man and a woman only, but when you start talking about "gay marriage," you've already lost the battle.

MILLER:  Well, that's pretty much what, uh, Chief Justice, uh, Roberts said.  I mean, he said marriage has been defined traditionally as, you know, a union between a man and a woman since time immemoriam. (sic)  So you have the conservative media, those who question that this is a civil right, challenging that.

RUSH:  Yeah?  Imagine that, now, folks.  Oh, that's right.  Marriage "has been defined traditionally as, you know, a union between a man and a woman," but it's the "conservative media" that doesn't want to grant this is civil right.  It's not a civil right.  It's a contractual agreement!  Look, once it became a civil right, that was it. Again, definitions and words mean things.  Once that happened, that's it. I'm just telling you. It's over. Combined with no pushback, it's inevitable.  I don't know how soon it's gonna happen, but it is. 

Here's the C-SPAN bite.  This where I have now crossed over from a straight political analyst to a celebrity who made news.  It's last night, C-SPAN, host Bill Scanlan moderating a discussion on the intersection of so-called infotainment programming and political journalism.  Scanlan and the panelist, American University professor Jane Hall... I don't know if she still is, but she used to be on the Fox show on Saturday that analyzed how the media did their jobs on stories the previous week.  I don't know if she's still on that show or not.  But that's who Scanlan of C-SPAN's talking to here.

SCANLAN:  News from the both celebrity and political world. Rush Limbaugh: Gay marriage is inevitable.  This issue of, uh, where celebrities or major media personalities make news about politics.  It's more and more common.

HALL:  Now you have a lot of figures in the media like Rush Limbaugh, who is a very powerful figure still in the Republican-conservative side of things.  I guess you would call him a celebrity in a lot of ways in the sense that he carries a lot of weight, what he says.  If he's a celebrity, he is also making news and setting a political agenda in many ways.

RUSH:  That makes me A-List, baby. A-List.



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