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The Jersey Shore is Still a Mess and Chris Christie is Still Praising Obama...  Shocker: Boston Suspect Stopped Talking After Miranda Rights... Trey Gowdy: Explosive Benghazi Hearings Coming...

Pro Sports 2013: Media Rejoices Over Tebow Release; Gay NBA Player Comes Out; Geno Smith Pays the "Black Tax"

RUSH:  Do you understand what an enlightened, great country we now really are?  Because an NBA player has come out gay... The New York media is all excited that Tebow's gone because now Tebow's not gonna screw up the Jets locker room with all the Jesus talk...  Have you heard of the "black tax" in the NFL?  I hadn't either 'til just now... 

The Four Corners of Deceit: Prominent Liberal Social Psychologist Made It All Up

RUSH: The left has turned science into an agent of its ideology.  That's the purpose of science.  Everything, to these people, is political.  There is not one aspect of life that is not oriented toward the advancement of a political agenda.  That's the stunning thing, is how few people understand that or realize it, and, when told, reject it.  But it's the case.  Science is simply a tool.  Science is simply another prong, if you will, of the liberal agenda, and it's been corrupted.  Conservatives don't use science to advance conservatism.


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