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James Carville Correctly Explains the "Limbaugh-ian" View on Amnesty


RUSH: Carville, you gotta hear this stuff.  This is on the roundtable on This Week Sunday morning on ABC, and George Stephanopoulos said, "James, one of the things you saw this week, even Marco Rubio is a big proponent of the immigration bill, saying that he doesn't think it can pass the house."

CARVILLE:  I was listening to Rush Limbaugh, all right, and he made the case...

MATALIN: I love that.

CARVILLE:  He said he was telling...

MATALIN: That’s always a good sign.

CARVILLE: ...look, we're Democrats, we listen to everybody. He said, look, this is what you hear from a political standpoint. You're going to bring all these people in, you're going to make them legal, you're going to help them do that. And they're not going to vote for you. And you have four million people that sit back every election because we're doing this. So, the Limbaugh-ian -- and this is a lot of Republicans' calculation, is you're not going to get credit for this anyway. The Democrats are going to get the credit. And you're going to have a lot more Democratic voters. I don't say that I agree with that, but that's where the politics hits the ground...

STEPHY: So you think you can stop this though?

CARVILLE:  ... and there's a lot of opposition in the Republican Party. 

RUSH:  James Carville just accurately portrayed what he heard me say, and he got it dead right.  He said that the Republicans are gonna do this, they're gonna make them legal, but they're not gonna vote Republican.  They're gonna vote Democrat.  That four million people that sit back and don't vote, those are the white voters that did vote Republican in '08 but didn't vote in 2012.  He heard that discussion.  He heard me explain why I thought they didn't vote in 2012.  So he's essentially saying the Limbaugh-ian view here is that the Republicans are creating an automatic Democrat majority.  Now, he did say, "I don't necessarily agree with that," but of course he does agree with it 'cause he knows it's gonna happen. 



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