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Morning Update: Optics!

We have five terrorists in sight, involved in the murder of our ambassador and three other Americans. Obama’s White House is telling our military to stand down. To wait. Don’t pick up the terrorists. Watch them.

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Issa Lets Lerner Off the Hook

RUSH: This Lois Lerner babe shows up today, and I'm telling you: She is sitting there angry. It is obvious this woman is loaded for bear, in a partisan political sense. She shows up -- I'm watching -- and she makes a statement. In her statement, she denies everything, and then takes the Fifth. She says she's not gonna answer anything. Darrell Issa, the committee chairman, basically said, "Well, okay. That's that, then!" 

Obama Approval Unaffected by Reality

RUSH: He has conducted his presidency in such a way that he is always seen as an outsider. He's not in charge of all the bad stuff. The fact that he's causing all these things to happen totally escapes these people, totally escapes the low-information voter. They don't associate all of this with Obama. 


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