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Political Hurricane Forecasts...  Obama Orders Holder to Investigate Himself... Toilet Paper is Luxury Item in Venezuela... Tech Blog Reaction to Tim Cook Senate Hearing...  Why Did "Breaking Bad" Really Take Off?... GOP Actually Has a Good Idea...

Flashback: Obama Promised His Stimulus Would Fix Crumbling Roads and Bridges

RUSH: All of that money went to teachers and other public employee unions during the recession to make sure they were not laid off.  Eighty percent of the stimulus went to Democrat voters.  Eighty percent of the stimulus went to Democrat donors.  Eighty percent of the stimulus went to Democrat supporters. None of it went to rebuild bridges and none of it went to rebuild roads and none of it went to rebuild schools.

Are These the Steps to Happiness?

RUSH: People are constantly seeking happiness.  They're seeking contentment.  They're seeking ways out of misery and malaise.  So any time there's a story that comes along that tells people how to do it, I think it's fun to recount it and share with you some of the tips that are offered. 

Liberal Schlub Lies to Insult Fox Viewers

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, this man speaking from the bottom of the barrel in which he lives, lied intently to Mr. Snerdley about what he wanted to talk about. And it took him much longer to get to his point with these endless implications that I was gonna cut him off, and he deserves to be cut off because he's a liar. 


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