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Nakoula Nakoula Speaks in Praise of Obama


RUSH: We've got two sound bites of the guy that did the video that caused all the trouble in the Middle East.  Fox News found him.  Nakoula Basseley Nakoula.  Joshua Miller interviewed the filmmaker.  Question:  Do you feel that you were used by the US government as a scapegoat for the failures that led to the consulate attack in Benghazi?

NAKOULA:  I cannot say nothing against that.  You know, he saw more than me, he know more than me.  Who am I to criticize the commander-in-chief?

RUSH:  And there you have it, entire intimidation, full-fledged intimidation.  This is what happens in authoritarian regimes.  This is the guy who is in jail without bail for ostensibly causing all the trouble.  His video didn't lead to any problem.  He's been totally lied about.  They found him (impression), "I can't say anything about the, you know, you know, the president know more than I do he know more than I do who am I to criticize the -- leave me alone. " Next question"  What were you trying to do with your film.  What was your objective?

NAKOULA:  Is not religion only.  I am not insulting that religion.  I have friends, Muslim friends.  I have a lot of Muslim friends.  And not all the Muslims believe in terrorism culture.  Not all of them.  Some of them believe in this culture.  That's why we need to fight with the culture, not with the Muslim.

RUSH:  (impression) "But I'm not criticizing the commander-in-chief, he know more than me, he saw more than me.  You're not  going to get me to criticize the commander-in-chief."  That's the guy, that's the filmmaker, I just wanted you to hear him, Nakoula Nakoula with the middle name Basseley.



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