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Obamacare is the GOP's Golden Opportunity

RUSH: The opposition to Obamacare is already there. They don't have to create it.  They just have to tap into it. And it is a sizeable majority of the American people. And, to me, it's a golden opportunity for the Republican Party to demonstrate that they are indeed on the side of average Americans who oppose this.

Republican Caller: We Must Sacrifice Principles and Support Amnesty So Marco Rubio Can Appeal to Low-Information Voters

RUSH: You know conservatism is the answer! Conservatism is the solution! It's being smeared day in and day out, and nobody is standing up and defending it. Low-information voters believe BS.  They're being lied to each and every day.  So you see Marco Rubio here as the man who has the best chance of upsetting the current status quo, and I understand the seductive nature of that.


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