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Sharpton Struggling to Drum Up Protests


RUSH: Why are you asking me?  Snerdley, what are you complaining to me for? What are you demanding I do? He's asking me, "If you were the prosecution, what would you put this woman on the stand for?"  I can't answer that. The prosecution was incompetent, too.  Snerdley's telling me, "Piers Morgan, he hasn't the slightest idea what she's saying. He doesn't have the slightest clue." He thinks he does, and he thinks that she's helping.

Okay, Helping what?  What is the cause here?  The cause is, "Uh-oh, Zimmerman got away with it! We can't let him get away with it. We need Zimmerman to still be pursued."  She is on these television shows to try to persuade people that Trayvon got beat up, that Trayvon got killed, that there was had to self-defense. She's on these shows to counter the verdict.  What other reason besides ratings could there be, now?  Well, ladies and gentlemen, it just so happens that the Canada Free Press has a column.

I don't know who wrote it. It might be an editorial, but somebody's endeavored to answer this.  The piece is really about Al Sharpton and his posse this weekend and his rallies or protests in hundred of cities.  The main thrust of the column is that Sharpton doesn't have anything spontaneous here, that he's having to drum it all up and that he's having trouble.  The point here: "The problem for Sharpton and his posse riders is that they claim to speak for all African-Americans...

"[But] Sharpton’s posse will be out in 100 cities this weekend.  But although the mainstream media’s not admitting it, Al’s is a posse that is already flagging before it starts." There's no real spontaneity.  He's having to drum it up, is their point.  It's not a bunch of people that can't wait to join the protest march and whatever.  He's having to inspire it and drum it up since it doesn't exist.  So the point primarily of the piece is that Sharpton has been -- been there, done that.

But they make the point here.  Here's pull quote from the story.  "Instead of inspiring more hatred, Rachel inspired pity.  Rather than the handful of viewers who watch CNN thinking of her as an ignorant bigot, a flaming liar, or worse, folk saw her for what she really was -- CNN exploited." This piece claims people are watching her out of sympathy, that they know CNN's exploiting here.  This is their opinion. 

This is my point in the second hour of the program, maybe the first when I did it.  The people that the left claims to really care about, to be looking out for, they're gonna make sure that nobody gets away with harming them? Those people are actually exploiting African-Americans. They are exploiting Hispanics. They're exploiting all their so-called constituency groups, rather than really helping them. 



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