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Morning Update: Royalty

Obama let Congress and staffers off the hook. They get to keep their heavily subsidized health care. Obamacare no longer applies to them. They’ve been given the same kind of exemptions Obama routinely gives his union donors and favorite businesses.

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House Votes to Ban the IRS from Enforcing Obamacare ... No Resolution for A-Rod Yet ... Charlie Rangel Calls the Tea Party "White Crackers" ... Obama Starts "Nudge Squad" ... 41.6% Unemployment for Young Black Americans ... Titular Head of the GOP, Colin Powell, in Affair Flap ... GOP Seeks to Cut Food Stamps by 5%, AP & Democrats Outraged ... 77% Support Delaying or Repealing Obamacare Individual Mandate ...

CNN Asks if Huma is Responsible for Weiner; Hispanics Offended by His Alias, "Carlos Danger"

RUSH: So, all of a sudden, now it's the perp's fault.  But with anything else in liberalism, the responsible party never really is.  "There is some societal cause. There's something wrong with America. There's something wrong with the way America is that causes people to do things.  The Boston bombers: What did we do wrong?  Why didn't they think we love them?" Or some such silliness.


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