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Cruz Petition Breaks Million Signatures...  PETA: Eating Chicken Wings During Pregnancy Could Shrink Your Baby's Man Parts...   Bill Whittle: Republicans are  Pop Culture Villains...

Bodansky: What If Bashar Didn't Do It?

RUSH: I'm not asserting any of this to be true.  I just found it now in a very credible place, and you know me.  I don't go with the flow of conventional wisdom -- and I'm not a conspiracy kook, either.  This makes perfect sense to me that Bashar could be set up.  So I'm just putting this out as a possibility, because it's already out there.  I didn't put it out there. I'm just reminding you and sharing with you what's there. 

Obama Can't Lose on Syria Vote

RUSH: If the Republicans don't give him authorization, don't vote for the use of force, he can then not do anything about Syria and blame the Republicans for being heartless, mean-spirited, willing to let people get nerve gassed...  Now, if the Republicans grant him the use of force and he does it, then he's a great leader.

New York Media Savages Rex Ryan

RUSH: I don't know Rex Ryan. I have no brief for Rex Ryan. He may as well be Bashar Assad as far as I'm concerned.  It's not the point.  My point is, an NFL person leaves the team to be there when his baby is born, and they orgasm. It's wonderful. It's so great. ... What's the difference in Rex?  It's cut-down Saturday.  There's not even a practice.  There's not even a game.


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