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Rush Revere for All Eight Grandkids!

A grandfather from Colorado got all eight of his grandchildren a copy of Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims and I thought it would be nice to post the photos. He wrote to Liberty and I have included his e-mail and Liberty's reply...

From Jerry:

I ordered the book early and gave it to my grandchildren. I gave one book to each family. We have 8 grandkids in all. We had Christmas at Thanksgiving since one daughter and family live in CO and only get here for Christmas every other year. After opening the presents, I read some of the first chapter to the grandkids. I have enclosed a picture. Thanks for this book. I have decided to buy a book for myself, since I did not get to read it all before giving it away.


Liberty@TwoIfByTea.com wrote:

Hi, Jerry,

It's me, Liberty! Just wanted to say thank you for the message! I am so glad you are reading the book to your grandkids!

Oh, I was really excited to see the picture!

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Your Buddy,


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