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President Clinton and President Obama Promised to Protect Disarmed Ukraine

RUSH: Bill Clinton in 1994 (and then the Obama administration in 2009, reaffirmed it) gave official diplomatic assurances to Ukraine that their borders would be safe in exchange for the Ukrainians gutting their army and completely doing away with their sizable nuclear deterrent... If your only source of news is the Drive-Bys, you are not being told any of this.  

Liberal Disturbed by Obama's Middle Name

RUSH: My point with this picture, Linda, was to point out media hypocrisy.  I mean, Bush reads to kids, all presidents do. Bush did it on 9/11 and the media tagged him immediately as an idiot, deer-in-the-headlight eyes, doesn't know what he's doing, vacant, stupid, idiotic cowboy.  And here's Obama reading to the kids while Ukraine's violating all kinds of agreements Obama signed, and not a ripple from the Drive-Bys.  That's all I was pointing out with that.  And, as far as the name "Hussein" is concerned, I don't know what I can do.  I'll ask him to change it.

Lois Lerner: The Face of Liberalism

RUSH: When I look at this Lois Lerner, IRS babe, I see somebody who is miserable, mean, vindictive, unhappy, and vengeful.  The woman just encapsulates all of that just in her facial expression.  This is the woman who led the IRS effort to essentially disenfranchise the Tea Party.  This is the woman at the IRS who was responsible for all of the decision-making, aside from Obama....  You know liberals like that.  You just do, and you know you do.  Just unhappy, miserable. Everything in life is politics. Every day spent in rage and anger, plotting revenge against these evil social-conservative pro-lifers.

Cable News Trivializes and Diminishes

RUSH: I am not saying judges are better than anybody or above anybody and shouldn't deign to submit themselves, not at all.  I'm talking about respect, rule of law, the institutions and traditions.  Some people might disagree profoundly with me, "I wish we could have at some of these leftist judges and expose 'em."  I understand people that think that.  "I wish we could get Ruth Ginsburg on the Hannity show and let them have at it." You might have that point of view.  If you do, I understand it. 


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