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Propagandized Millennials Scared to Death of a Melting Glacier in the Antarctic

RUSH: I went to my hobby, my tech blogs, and it was stunning.  You know, the tech blogs are popularized and populated by young Millennial types, hipsters, wannabe hipsters, think they're hipsters, and it's really kind of sad.  It's great exercise in groupthink and propagandizing.  I don't think they've ever been taught critical thought. They've been propagandized, and there's a story that the Antarctic ice is melting and there's real fear among young people, real fear that they are going to die. 

The Regime and Boko Haram: What This Hashtag Business is Really All About

RUSH: This Regime is not gonna side with the Christian government in Nigeria with Boko Haram on the other side when this Regime blames the Christian government for the existence of Boko Haram.  So, with that as the context, it's easier to understand that Obama and Hillary have resisted doing anything about Boko Haram because they believed that its root cause was the oppression of Muslims by the Nigerian government.  Don't forget, go back to 9/11.  Why are there terrorists?  Because of the United States, because of our policies in the Middle East, because of our support for Israel and also because of poverty and because of economic circumstances of no hope. 


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