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Drive-Bys Still Hand-Wringing over Obama Polls... Drudge Homepage Highlights the Border Invasion... AP Flash: Prosecutors Allege Scott Walker at Center of Criminal Scheme...

Breathlessly Waiting for Obama

RUSH: This is key to everything the left does: good intentions.  Their good intentions cover all of their failures.  It doesn't matter if it's a domestic policy failure; it doesn't matter if it's a foreign policy failure; good intentions are how the left disguises and camouflages all of their failures.  So keep some things in mind here, ladies and gentlemen, as this statement comes up.

The Truth About Cheney, the Democrats and Saddam's WMD

RUSH: From the Wall Street Journal today: "Sunni Extremists in Iraq Occupy Hussein's Chemical Weapons Facility." Or try this one from the UK Telegraph: "Iraq Crisis: Isis Jihadists 'Seize Saddam Hussein's Chemical Weapons Stockpile.'"  I must be dreaming here.  I thought Saddam Hussein didn't have any chemical weapons, or any other weapons of mass destruction...  If I have to ask Cookie to do this in order to prove this, I will, because we have them.  We have sound bites of Bill Clinton in 1998 warning of Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction, that it's eerie...Also from 1998 we have sound bites of every Democrat in Washington agreeing with Clinton that Saddam Hussein posed a terrific threat and precisely because of his weapons of mass destruction. 

Obama: There's No Military Solution in Iraq, So I'm Sending 300 Military Advisors -- But They're Not Gonna Take Sides

RUSH: If I was still doing a TV show, there would be two clips that we would be playing quite frequently on Rush the TV Show tonight if there was one.  Obama said today that there's no military solution inside Iraq, and yet he's sending 300 military advisors to set up command centers and so forth.  Well, excuse me.  That's something that we would make fun of.  It's exactly the kind of thing the media did to George Bush every day, and it's the exact kind of thing they won't do to Obama now.  


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