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Third Party is Not the Way to Go


RUSH: We'll start with Joe in Washington.  Great to have you, sir.  Hello.

CALLER:  Yes, I do political work here, and I'm angry about that, too, what happened in Mississippi. But, you know, that's what power does.  Power preserves power no matter what.  People are talking about breaking away from the Republican Party and we can't do it right now.  I'm not sure people understand how important this moment is. Even Scalia, in his opinion yesterday, upheld the EPA's authority to regulate global warming BS.  Obama is gonna crash this economy with his climate change rules.  Republicans are talking about shutting down the economy.  Republicans still fear the base.  They still fear the Tea Party because they are part of the Republican Party, a big part of the Republican Party.  You need to keep that fear going.  It's the reason we haven't had immigration reform, you leave the party, splinter off right now and dusting yourself off, getting back up and --

RUSH:  What are you reacting to in this third-party stuff?  Sarah Palin?

CALLER:  Twitter, Sarah Palin, everyone -- I mean, everyone here in DC talking about it.  You cannot split off.  This is an inflection point.  Obama will crash this economy with these climate rules.  We need Republicans to shut the government down until those rules are shut down.

CALLER:  They're talking about it --

RUSH:  There are disappointments daily, and Scalia voting to uphold the constitutionality, the EPA in charge of emissions, that was depressing.  Look, I have never -- and I know you're not complaining to me.  I know that.  I have never advocated for a third party, and I'm not advocating for one now.  It's never been the objective, and it's just not the way to go.  They don't win.  It's an understandable knee-jerk reaction.  



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