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Morning Update: Behind the Crisis

Why did the Obama regime advertise for vendors to help transport thousands of illegal immigrant minors, before the “crisis” started? Why aren’t members of Congress and even the drive-by media allowed to see what’s happening in these refugee centers, or talk with the kids?

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Sheila Jackson Lee Delivers Lollipops to Illegal Kids... New iOS Beta Removes My Favorite Feature!... Feminist Professor Gives Extra Credit for Not Shaving Armpits...

Every Day is an All-Out Assault

RUSH: We get up and we look at the latest assault, and we don't have time to advance anything.  We are just getting up, seeing whatever assault they are making on our great country and just standing up and trying to stop it...  June 11th, 2009, six months after I said "I hope he fails," here is a great example of being on the cutting edge.  I told everybody in 2009 that Barack Obama's America would be marked by chaos, turmoil, and violence. 

Liberal Scholar Claims a Period was Added to the Declaration of Independence

RUSH: It's just absurd, but it's tireless.  They cannot stop. They can't accept what is. They don't like it. They're doing everything they can to change it in people's minds.  They're just doing everything they can to get as many people as possible to emotionally accept and support the whole idea of a big, powerful and, by definition, oppressive, 'cause that's the only kind of big, powerful governments there are: oppressive.  


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