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Morning Update: The Superheroes

A new battle has erupted in New York City. Superheroes are squaring off against police. The Times Square area is flooded with people dressed up as characters, ranging from Spiderman to Elmo. They “work” by allowing their pictures to be taken with tourists, in exchange for tips.

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Algore Sues Al Jazeera... Immigrant Children to be Classified as "Homeless" to Avoid School Enrollment Documentation Requirements... Hollywood to Receive Massive Tax Breaks from California... Vitamin D Deficiency Could Lead to Dementia... Homeland Security is Back Warning Against Right-Wingers...

The Ferguson, Missouri Story: Drive-By Politicians, Drive-By Agitators and Drive-By Media Attempting to Cash in on Narratives

RUSH: The true definition of the Drive-By Media is they arrive on the scene of major breaking news and they stir up emotions to a frenzied fever pitch. They spread lies, and then, after a few hours or a few days when the real facts emerge, they're gone.  They're down the road doing it again on the next story, while everybody else is left in their wake with a mess that real Americans have to clean up.  And that is exactly what has happened in Ferguson, Missouri.

Is Anyone Listening to Obama?

RUSH: The police chief was supposed to hold a press conference yesterday, but the New Black Panther Party took over.  They came there into the fire department and they just took over what was to be a press conference of the police chief... Our caller says Obama may not make a direct appeal, because what if they don't listen to him?  The New Black Panther Party's already ticked off.

College Professor Thanks the Limbaugh Institute

CALLER: I'm a conservative political science professor, and a lot of that's your fault... You gave me the political curiosity, the intellectual curiosity.  My father used to watch your show and listen to you, and then he would explain it to us.  And it lit an interest that, after 12 years, I finished my education, and I focused on political science.


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