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What’s Been Worse — the Bush Administration Response to Katrina or the Obama Administration Response to Ebola?


RUSH: This Ebola thing, folks, let me ask you a question: What has been worse...? Honestly now: What has been worse, the Bush administration response to Katrina or the Obama administration response to Ebola, especially given how relatively limited the Ebola problem is?  It is literally an African problem, or it was.  You see? Right there, I just know the politically correct, when you say that, that lights a fire. 

"Oh, we should leave it in Africa because somehow they deserve it, Mr. Limbaugh? Is that what you're saying?"

No.  You see how difficult this has become because of political correctness?  The point is, it started in Africa.  That's where its roots are.  There were steps that could have been taken to keep it out of the United States, and those steps were not taken. 

"That's right, Mr. Limbaugh! It's not fair that that it's only African." 

This is how this stuff works, and if you have thinking like that in top level administration positions, you're gonna end up with Ebola outside its primary area.  There's no reason for it to spread. If the existing governments in Africa aren't gonna do anything about it, we should stay steps to make sure it doesn't get into the United States, and we did not do that.  It's plain and simple. 

Now, the fact that there might be people that are obsessed with political correctness who think, "Well, that's only fair," the correct response is, "Screw them."  It's too late anyway now.  So I think it's a rational question to ask, just, again not for the answer, but to illustrate, to inform and to teach.  This is not to praise the Bush administration.  It's to illustrate the continuing incompetence of this one. 

The Bush administration to Katrina was said to be disastrous and it was said to be uncaring and there was no urgency and Bush didn't care because it was black people in New Orleans.  Remember that?  That's right.  In fact, Bush even steered Hurricane Katrina in there, 'cause he wanted to turn Louisiana into a Republican state by forcing the blacks that lived in New Orleans to move to Houston where they'd be outnumbered by the whites.  


RUSH: Now we've got an NBC cameraman, freelance cameraman quarantined 'cause came down with Ebola, and get this:  "An unnamed, 33 year old cameraman working with NBC's News correspondent, Dr. Nancy Snyderman has tested positive for the Ebola virus. The man had only been working for NBC for about a week prior to his infection. Sources at NBC said the man was being flown home so that he could receive the best treatment possible.

"A spokesperson also stated that the rest of the crew would be flown back to the US aboard a private charter where they would enter voluntary quarantine for the next 21 days. ... NBC News is withholding the cameraman’s name at the request of his family." How did this happen?  I thought this was hard to get.  I thought it was hard to pass on.  Didn't we hear that? 

The Regime, the president himself said it's hard to get. The Centers for Disease Control guy said, it's hard to pass on.  If somebody's not showing symptoms, you can't get it.  Then we had this crew.  Did you see this, the pictures out of Dallas where the Ebola victim from Africa that shows up in Dallas lives? The story's coming out about where he lives or lived, his family?

I mean, it's just gross.  I mean, every story talks this guy's vomit.  He vomited outside; he vomited inside. They got pictures of cleanup crews hosing it down, vaporizing it, and we're saying, "Did they use bleach? Oh, my God, did they? Are they just spreading the disease?" They're not wearing any protective gear, sweeping it up, spraying it with the fire hose or the water hose or whatever. 

People living in these apartments say, "Hey, shouldn't we be tested?"  "No, you just have to stay inside for three weeks.  We'll deal with you later if you come down with it."

"No, we want to find out if we got it!"

"Nope. State quarantine." 

It's a joke.  It's an absolute joke.  But it needn't have happened, folks, and now we've got audio sound bites you're gonna hear short, the CDC director said (paraphrased), "No it would have been a terrible mistake to stop this disease in Africa.  It'd be a horrible mistake to close our borders."  The political correctness dictates that are responsible for the irresponsible application of common sense here -- and I'm not kidding you. 

When you when you point out, when you say like I just did at the top of the program, "Ebola was relatively limited"? Right there those are fighting words, to the politically correct.  'Cause what it means is, it was in a relatively few countries in the world. Three. It was in a relatively small geographic area, compared to the rest of the world, western Africa, and it would have been easy...

An effort could have been undertaken that would not have been that difficult to keep it there.  And here come the politically correct. "Oh, that's not fair! You want to discriminate against them?  You want to make sure they get sick but that nobody else?"  That's the way this thinking takes place now.  You say something factual.  I can imagine the politically correct in this audience thinking I've just said something inconsiderate, lacking in compassion. 

But it's true.  The Obama response to this, given how relativity limited the Ebola problem was -- given all the warnings Obama had, given the fact that nobody's trying to stop the Regime from helping -- and still it's being treated and dealt with in the most irresponsible, incompetent manner I can think of.  The news reporting on this every day has... Some of these Drive-By people, the Drive-By Media interviewing the CDC guy, they're beside themselves.

They don't know what to do.  He's a loyal Democrat, therefore he's gotta be propped up, but they can't believe what here hearing from the guy -- and if he were a Republican, he would be destroyed on camera.  He would be out of a job before he left the studio if he were a Republican.  This, they try to have to cover for the guy while maintaining credibility with their dwindling audiences by asking tough questions. 

Why didn't Obama stop the flights from Africa?  I keep wondering.  (interruption)  What do you mean, "You can't"? (interruption)  What do you mean, "He can't"?  (interruption)  By who?  Who would vilify him by stopping...? (interruption)  You know why he can't stop the flights?  It's not 'cause he'd be vilified. What do you mean he'd be...? He can't stop the flights because over here he's gonna do amnesty, and what does he need for amnesty?

Open borders. 

He can't close the borders.  It's all political.  This is my never-ending point.  The reason he's not gonna stop the flights from Africa or anywhere else Ebola happens to be is because he's gonna do amnesty down the road.  He promised the Hispanics yesterday it's gonna happen.  He was bragging about the fact that he rode to the Hispanic speech with a couple of illegals. He's bragging about it, and he's promising 'em it's gonna happen. 

Well, you can't shut down flights from Africa.  You can't you can't close the border.  Not if you later plan on using the open border for amnesty.  But again, let me just ask from a common sense standpoint and forget politics for a minute. Let me just ask the question: What would be wrong with stopping flights into the US from those West African countries being overrun with Ebola?  What would be wrong about it? 

You know, during the latest round of fighting between Israel and Gaza, Obama didn't have any trouble stopping flights to Israel.  He said it was a matter of public safety.  Remember that?  He shut down flights to Israel.  Remember that?  From the United States, he was not letting people fly there, under the guise of safety and security. He had no problem stopping flights to Israel, and the reason for that's political. 

That was to do economic harm. 

So what do you mean, "He can't do it. He'd be vilified"?  He already has done it.  He could have stopped flights from those countries into the United States under the same premise that he used when he announced that we were eliminating or terminating temporarily flights into Israel.  But no, the head of the CDC, this Thomas Frieden guy, says we have to stop it in Africa. 

The problem is, it's pretty clear we're not stopping it in Africa, and this guy turns around and says we can't stop it in Africa by closing the borders here.  We can't stop it in Africa.  The Ebola patient in Dallas proved that.  He got out of Africa (Hello, Meryl Streep) and got into the United States just as he proved the screening being done by the locals in those African countries is practically useless. 

Remember the CDC guy bragging about the procedures they've set up to prevent what happened from happing?  The African guy shouldn't have gotten here because, well, they have an exhaustive screening technique.  They're saying this. They fill out forms, and then they're wanding 'em to see if they have fever.  But this guy got past it all.  Do you think Dr. Frieden at the Centers for Disease Control would let his daughter sit next to somebody from Liberia on a plane for 14 hours?

I don't know.  Maybe some reports should ask him. They're not gonna ask him that.  Never mind.  So Dr. Nancy Snyderman and a whole NBC crew are now in voluntary quarantine for three weeks. You got a cameraman over there. These are people who know what to do to avoid getting the disease, and they still got it.  We have reports of doctors in these countries in full hazmat gear getting the disease, and over here we're told, "It's hard.  You don't have anything to worry about." 

By the way, NBC has named that freelance cameraman.  His name is Ashoka Mukpo.  Any update, by the way, on the 3,000 US soldiers Obama sent to fight Ebola?  Has anybody heard about that mission?


RUSH: Did you see where the Texas hospital, that the emergency room where the guy from Liberia shows up, says he's from Liberia, and they sent him home with antibiotics -- that hospital in Texas -- is now blaming flawed software.  Watch 'em blame it on Apple, blame it on iOS 8.  Everybody else is blaming everything on it.  Blame it on iOS 8.  No, blame it on 8.0.1. 

If you're in trouble, blame Apple, folks. It's what everybody else is doing.  And then get this.  Both NBC News and the Washington Times are reporting that a patient at Howard University Hospital who has just returned from Nigeria is being monitored for Ebola.  Howard University Hospital is in Washington, DC.  Now, if it turns out that this is an actual case of Ebola, and it is in the nation's capital, then everything's gonna change, 'cause that's where the establishment is. 

When it's in Texas, Montana, Wyoming, it's one thing.  When it's in their town? Uh-oh.  I know it's a cruel thing to think and say, but it happens to be true.  Human nature. 



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