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Rush Android App

Exclusively from the EIB Network! Get the Rush Android App and enjoy these great features:

Transcripts: Full records of Rush's segments.• Stations: A list of local radio stations where you can tune in to America's Anchorman all across the fruited plain.• Contact Rush: Phone or email El Rushbo.

Rush 24/7 Members-Only features:

• The Dittocam: Peek into Rush's studio and watch him broadcast from behind the Golden EIB Microphone.• Show Audio: Listen to the full show or hour-by-hour.• Morning Update Video: Watch Rush deliver his pithy, minute-long updates in high quality, crystal clear video.• Rush's Broadcast When YOU Want to Hear it: If you miss Rush live, you can listen to the entire broadcast.• Plus: The exclusive, super-secret e-mail address! Reach out to the Truth Detector with a few taps of your fingers.Note: Usage of the live stream and on-demand podcast on the EDGE, 3G, 4G LTE networks may result in additional data charges. Please check with your provider for more details.Available exclusively for Android 4.0 and above users!To experience the full features of the app, become a Rush 24/7 member today to gain access to the Dittocam and more!