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I’ve always said that if George W. Bush had a meeting with Jesse Jackson and gave him everything he wanted, Jackson would still walk out unhappy, dissatisfied and run for the nearest TV studio to rip Bush. Well, the two did have a meeting after Bush spoke to the Urban League – and that has black Republicans roiling with anger and incomprehension.
Niger Innis of the Congress on Racial Equality, CORE, said, “We are outraged that the people around the president would do such a thing. This amounts to aiding and abetting a hustler who’s been exposed and is a total repudiation of people like my father, Roy Innis, who has been fighting for a positive cause for 15 years.” I don’t know what happened, here. It could’ve been a sandbag. I myself have been sandbagged this way. I cannot tell you the number of times somebody said, “Hey, I’d like to come over and say something to you,” and they bring two or three people with them, or invite me to dinner and have 16 people there waiting for autographs just to show off.
“Rush, what’s the big deal if Bush met with Jackson?” Well, these black Republicans eat excrement sandwiches every day courtesy of the Jacksons of the world. I can see them being ticked off. I don’t know if people like those at CORE think Bush is going to give Jackson something, but after all, he met with Ted Kennedy and later Kennedy wrote the education bill. There’s a track record here of the liberal agenda being advanced by Bush, and a perception by many that the president’s attempting to peel off segments of the Democratic Party in his quest to grow the Republican Party.
But note that Bush met with Elijah Cummings along with Jackson. The president of the United States doesn’t reject the chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus if he requests a meeting, nor does he tell him he can’t bring Jesse Jackson along. If a president says that, and that gets out (as it will), you’re in a big mess. This incident serves to illustrate a couple of things. Number one: how serious the conservative Republicans are about their beliefs and what they hope to achieve with an administration they expect to advance them. Number two: there’s a lot of unease among some who see a tolerance and perhaps even a very small advancement of some of the left’s agenda. If these conservative blacks think it’s their agenda that’s going to get the short shrift in this, I can see why they’d be upset.

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