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Look, nobody wants to be alone, so if you want to attract single men or single women, you find them someone to go to the movies with or whatever. The government is a partner or a safety net when you’re going it alone. For women without husbands, Uncle Sam and Big Brother are the greatest protectors. We saw this factor with that girl Dawn. She couldn’t find a guy who shared her values in New Jersey, so she moved to Ohio and found a date. Now we have tons of people who want to meet up through the EIB Network.
UC Santa Barbara’s Bella DePaulo, who has the cushy gig of studying single behavior, says that politicians and parties ignore the unmarried. Folks, life is hard, and whether it’s the government or a husband or a wife, people want someone to share the burden. Gloria Steinem appropriated the quote, “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” That lead a lot of young feminists to spurn men – only to see Steinem take a husband herself years later while they were left alone! There’s said to be a hidden “hot-or-not factor” involved in how women vote. Paula Zahn drooled over John French Kerry’s Vanity Fair layout, proving what I’m talking about. No one looks at women candidates that way, and would be run out of town if they did. Poor Hillary has been joking about the rumors she’s pregnant, saying maybe an alien left her with child.
The truth is, it’s harder to lose weight for all of us as we get older. Kennedy: “An unscientific survey of single gals finds Sen. John Edwards [the Breck Girl] of North Carolina, Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts and retired Gen. Wesley Clark winning the Democratic cuteness primary.” The short or bald lose to the tall or those with full heads of hair every time. Pollster Kelly Ann Conway listed the top issues for single women as “economic security, crime, fairness in the workplace and the general affordability of life.” Translation: “Man, man, man and man.” I’m not wrong about this, folks. I’m just saying something everyone knows but few have the courage to admit.

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