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Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) wants us to waste time getting French and German troops into Iraq. The French refuse to qualify and classify Islamic Jihad and PLO-related groups as terrorists, so we can forget about them helping us. (These are people who shower maybe once every two weeks, so they cannot be expected to recognize dirty, stinking terrorists.) Besides, we cannot wait for anyone else to do this job for us. Put simply, no one else can. We are the leaders of the culture these terrorists oppose – and this is a war we cannot afford to lose. The fact that they’re attacking peacekeepers, re-builders and other non-combatants proves that these are nihilists who believe in stopping civilization and preventing Muslims from achieving their God-given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
The current political argument revolves around troop strength, but that misses the reality of events on the ground. General Myers told anyone who bothered to listen to the truth (and give up the political mantra) that if General Abizaid wants more troops in Iraq, he just has to ask. But he’s not asking, because he knows that intelligence is more necessary than troops. We have to know where these terrorists are so we can hit them hard. The terrorists know what’s at stake in Iraq, and that if they lose this battle they’ve all but lost the war. That’s how you have to look at these news stories of terrorists flooding into Iraq. Every maniac who throws himself at our brave men and women in tanks and bunkers, is one less on our streets throwing himself at our defenseless civilians.

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