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I spoke with Katina, an African-American woman from Maryland who said she was leaning toward Howard Dean. I took her back to what I said yesterday, and read excerpts from a column in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer by African-American columnist Robert L. Jamieson Jr., which you can hear in the audio link below. The piece, titled “Minorities Await Dr. Dean’s House Call,” is a major Limbaugh echo on the Vermonter from one of our least diverse states.
My conversation with Katina, A Student Thinks She?s Ready to Teach the Teacher, reminded me of the expression, “There must be something in the water.” Vermont is giving us some of the biggest screwballs the nation has ever had. Vermont has produced our one and only socialist in Congress, Bernie Sanders. It has produced Senator Patrick Leahy, who thinks that the Founding Fathers want him to personally control all judicial appointments.
Something in the water could explain Jumpin’ Jim Jeffords, who switched from Republican to independent giving control of the Senate to Tom Daschle and the Democrats. Now the great hope for liberals is Howard Dean of the Green Mountain State. How in the world did this guy, the ex-governor of tiny Vermont, put away eight other Democratic dwarf wannabes if not by some magic water source? I mean, the percentage of political oddballs coming out of this state is incredible. I’m looking into this. I have a map of the state’s lakes, reservoirs, creeks and streams, and I’m studying it closely.

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