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Ladies and gentlemen, you don’t need the details here. They say they are acquiring stations in five of the ten largest media markets: New York, LA, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Boston. Now, what do all these markets have in common? They are liberal Meccas are they not? Yes, they are. And what kind of talk-radio programming dominates those liberal markets? Yes, we know the answer to that one. These people just have no clue how this program started or why it has been a success. Perhaps they just want to wipe out NPR in all of these markets, but we’ll wait and see.
The Democrats are buying a couple of stations for the purpose of promoting their party! That’s what they’re doing. They still don’t understand how this all happened here. In my case, I got together with some businessmen, some of whom were liberals, who didn’t care about politics; they were interested in success in the broadcasting business and we mutually invested in an idea, and that idea would depend on the free market attracting and keeping listeners so we could charge confiscatory advertising rates. We weren’t out there to service the Republican Party or anybody else. I didn’t go to the RNC or wealthy Republican Party activists. In fact, they approached me and I turned them down. Maybe the left doesn’t believe that. Maybe they think that the RNC or Roger Ailes created me, and we’ve just kept it a secret. They may really believe that.
They just have no clue how the market works. The left has failed at talk radio. Their hosts have already failed at talk radio. The line is long. So they seek to impose programs on you now that you don’t want, and which won’t attract large audiences, and they can’t get any stations to carry the program, so they’re buying the stations out from under the owners who have them now. And what they hope to do is get Democratic Party and left-wing financial supporters who will continue to fund this activity regardless of ratings and viability. Even when they fail, they’ll stay on the air by begging other liberals for money, instead of advertising. Nothing liberal that fails ever goes away, like the Great Society.

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