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Something else that I’d love to know is how many of the senators on the Senate intelligence committee and how many of the House members in the House intelligence committee, these oversight committees, how many of them might have known the data as well, and are going to act shocked, outraged and as if they have been blind-sided with this data? Of course, they’re free to act that way because the stuff that goes on in both the House and Senate intelligence committees is off the record. It’s classified, and nobody can say what goes on in there, unless you’re Pat Leahy and you want to get kicked off of the committee, as happened to him.
It’s a relevant question to ask, because if they’re going to ask, “What did Bush know?” I’m going to tell you there are a few House and Senate intelligence committee people that know what Bush knew. They get briefings from the CIA just as much as Bush does. Their excuse will be, “Well, we’re not the president, we don’t get the briefings the president gets and we’re constrained from what we can say, even if we know.” Oh, right. Just keep this in mind when this thing hits, if you’re worried about it.

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