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Did you see 60 Minutes Sunday night, folks? Lesley Stahl did a little profile of John Edwards, and it was very interesting. Remember, ladies and gentlemen, we shared with you some polling data last week that showed John Edwards and John Kerry a couple points behind Al Sharpton in the Democratic presidential sweepstakes.So with that in mind here’s one of Lesley Stahl’s questions to John Edwards and his answer:STAHL: Sometimes nicknames can do real damage to politicians. Tricky Dick Nixon, Slick Willie Clinton, now there’s an Edwards nickname floating around. What do you say when the White House, someone in the White House says he’s nothing more than the Breck Girl?

BRECK GIRL: I say they’re trying to kill me before I get this nomination.

STAHL: And the way they’re trying to kill you is saying, “Ah, come on, he’s just a lightweight.”

BRECK GIRL: Yeah, bring it on, that’s what I have to say. Bring it on.

The White House monitors this program, my friends. I’m sure it did come from the White House. They’re not going to attribute anything to this show on 60 Minutes. But let’s be honest about what’s going on out there. As I say, we are show prep for the rest of the media and rather than make idle claims, we demo it for you.


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