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RUSH: (Laughing.) You know what they’re thinking. They’re hoping they’re going to get sooooome answer. They’re always trying to make shoes they’re hoping to get some answer, “Well, they’re meteorological differences unlike any that have ever existed before, probably do to mankind.” I mean sure, they’re all looking for that. They’re there isn’t a journalist in the world covering weather that wouldn’t love to have a definitive source say, “All these hurricanes are because of mankind, and our profligate waste of resources,” and so forth and so on. There’s a great story here at Tech Central Station again. (Laughing.) The point: the weather is very usual. The weather doesn’t change. Weather is the weather, and we should all, by the way — a Rush aside — we should all aspire to be like the weather in this sense. No matter what anybody says about the weather, it doesn’t change.
It doesn’t care. The weather is the weather! We think it’s unusual because we do things differently. We cover it differently. We prepare for disasters differently. We think things are disasters when they’re not disasters. We build homes and buildings right in the path of these things so that the destruction is greater and greater every time one of them hits, and then we ask ourselves, “What’s different about the weather?” and there’s nothing different about the weather. We’ve had far worse hurricanes hit this region of the country than the one that hit last night. There was a period of time where Florida has been hit by three hurricanes in one season. It might have been some years ago, but in the terms of the span of the earth, it’s but a speck of dust on the sands of time. This happened before. Nothing unique here is the first. There’s nothing different. There’s nothing odd. We are what’s odd by virtual of the way we react to it.

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