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KILLIAN: Well, quickly and succinctly, she’s wrong. Well, as to having never seen any documents like that, that would be true — and neither has anyone else. I only know and recollect my own conversations with my father regarding this, and that just doesn’t reflect his feelings. Also, the documents themselves, which I’ve seen — for example, the one directing him to report to the clinic, people that were requested or directed to report to a clinic for a physical, those letters came from the clinic commander, not from operations.
RUSH: So Colmes then says, “Well, here’s what the New York Times reported today, I’ll put it up there on the screen and it’s again quoting your father’s secretary [sic], who says that we ? ‘We did discuss Bush’s conduct. It was a problem that Killian was concerned about,’ and she says, ‘I think he was writing the memos so there would be some record so that he was aware of what was going on and what he had done,’ and she talks about having discussed problems with Mr. Bush’s conduct.”
KILLIAN: Marian Carr is a sweet lady. I’ve known her since I was six years old. It’s been represented that she was my father’s personal secretary. That’s not true. She really was directed to do typing for any officer within the operations area. Her primary responsibility was to support the group commander, and she just wouldn’t have had that information or that insight.
RUSH: So that’s CBS’ source. They keep — you know, their sources keep getting further and further removed from spheres that would place them in positions to have exact knowledge. Sources remain questionable. Sources that can repudiate CBS sources are ignored. This is not classic journalism. Well, you know, I say it’s not “classic journalism,” but is it what classic journalism has become? It is agenda-driven journalism, as practiced by CBS, and they’ve been caught. They’ve been caught red-handed, and really you can’t illustrate it any better than to say this is Nixonian. In Dan Rather’s world, this is Nixonian: cover-up, worse than the crime. There is so much discussed. By the way, let me tell you something else that might help you understand Dan Rather in this. Rather has had a personal animus for the Bush family since 1988; 1988 was an interesting year.

George W. Bush’s father, Bush 41, was running for the presidency, and as you know he was coming out of the controversy then of the Iran-Contra scandal, and Rather was relentless in pursuing Iran-Contra and trying to find George Bush’s official link to it. So, in the presidential campaign, George Bush agreed to an interview with Rather, and the first thing, one of the first things that Rather brought up was Iran-Contra and just begged Bush to finally come clean and tell the truth. And I forget the sum total of what Bush said, but he said, “Look…” The meat of what he said was this: “Dan, you know, a lot of people make mistakes in their lives. Do you want your whole career to be judged by the seven minutes you walked off the set in anger over CBS didn’t break away from tennis coverage to do the news?” And Rather got flustered and frustrated, looked down. “Mr. Vice President, this interview is not about me. This is not about me,” and Bush pressed on, “Well, would you want to be judged that way? I mean, that was a mistake you made in your career. Do you want to be judged your whole career based on that one mistake?”
Ever since then Dan Rather has never gotten over that, folks. He never has. It’s like journalists have this attitude, some of them, that their behavior and their private lives, even their professional, is not subject to accountability. It’s not subject to perusal. But politicians, why, we can tear them up and we can rip them to shreds! Anybody in public life, we can dice ’em and slice ’em and get to the bottom of who they are and we can destroy them all we want. That’s our job, but we journalists are exempt from that because we’re a different breed or we’re a cut above because we are doing this great constitutional work. It doesn’t matter who we are in our private lives, doesn’t matter what we’ve done in our youth. That shouldn’t interest the viewers at all, but when the tables are turned and people start looking into journalist’s lives the same way that they look into other people’s lives, they don’t like it. They hate it.
They don’t think that this is right and fair, and if somebody does it they are painting a bull’s eye on their back — and that’s what the Bush family did by raising this in public — because this incident of Dan Rather walking off the set made big news. Yeah, he was made to look petulant and selfish and he was all upset that the sports division was able to trump the news division. It was the U.S. Open. I’m not sure, but the U.S. Open went long and the evening newscast was missed or was going to be missed and Rather walked off the set, and the tennis match ended early and was supposed to go to news but Rather wasn’t there because he had in petulance walked off the set.
So, you know, George Bush 41 reminds him of this and said, “Well…” (program observer interruption) I don’t know what happened. He wasn’t there. He walked off the set for like seven or eight minutes. They had to go get him. It was a moment of childish pique. He was AWOL from the newsroom. He was AWOL from the news set. Dan Rather, away without leave for seven or eight minutes. He just walked out of the set there, and ever since then there has been this friction between Dan Rather and the Bush family over this. You can’t take that out of the mix here, either, in terms of what may be motivating CBS to stay on this National Guard story.

RUSH: Ramon, California. Hi, Bob, welcome to the program.
CALLER: Hey, Rush. Thanks very much taking my call and thanks for your commentary on this. My take is that this has been going on for quite a while. In fact, I think Rather is actually Cronkite’s child. As you recall, Walter, I’m from Raleigh, really did this back in Vietnam War with the Tet offensive where he declared the war was over and we had lost, which was a big surprise to the general who stated at the time he thought they had lost. They had lost every single battle during Tet, but Cronkite turned all this around, with no proof. I think if there were bloggers back in the Vietnam era, maybe we would have had a little better outcome, but it cost two million Asian lives based on that misrepresentation of what occurred.
RUSH: Uh, yeah, you know, I tell you, we could spend — if we wanted to go back through the annals of CBS and reconstruct episodes similar to this one, it might take us a week to recount them all. I kid you not. I don’t know if you were listening earlier in the week, but Rather did a documentary in 1988 that was supposed to revitalize and redefine the TV documentary and he went out and he found six disgruntled Vietnam vets who claimed to personally have committed all these atrocities in the Vietnam War, hacking people up, burning villages, stacking bodies 50 high, seen these traumatic distress disorders happen to them that they were all drugged up and alcoholic beverages and so forth — and turns out it was all a bunch of lies! None it was true, and it was 17 years after John Kerry had said the same thing or similar things in his testimony in 1971, and you find here in the case of CBS and Rather, we’re doing it here again. I think this Bush Guard story is somewhat related.
You cannot — folks, trust me — you cannot discount the importance of the sixties and the Vietnam War to today’s modern adult leftist generation. It was the defining moment of their lives. It was the formative moment of their lives because they opposed it. They thought they rose above decency, became superhuman in recognizing that war is horrible, and in order to convince everybody else that war is horrible they lied about what American soldiers did in Vietnam to try to convince everybody how horrible war is. And that description of what American soldiers did is the reason you’ve got the swiftvets today trying to defend their honor, other Vietnam Veterans for Truth trying to defend their honor, and you have the rest of the world thinking that the American soldier is a big brute and an ugly American precisely because of the kind of stories told by the people Dan Rather interviewed on that documentary and the stories told by John Kerry. If it’s true, that America is hated around the world by certain people, we cannot discount that one of the reasons why is precisely because of people like CBS News division.

How many other documentaries have there been by CBS and others on the horrors of the Vietnam War? And the purpose has been what? To blame America. They revel in the fact that we lost the war. Liberals, I have always said, love it when American military operations fail so they can point to it and say, “See? War is not the answer,” and it gives them the opportunity to blame America as the reason the rest of the world hates us. It’s our military that’s the focus of evil. So you have all of this and the people that participated in this war don’t remember anything of the sort. Just like your example about Tet. The Tet offensive portrays a big loser and the general that ran the battle was the first one that was surprised. He thought he had won. So the Vietnam War — and that’s why Kerry brings it up, and that’s why the news media eagerly brings it up. They thought they had a winner.
They all thought they had a winner because they finally had a war hero, and I told you at the outset how convoluted this was, because these people hated that war. They thought it was immoral and criminal, and here they go to that very war to pluck a hero as a presidential candidate? How do the two go together? How do you have an immoral, ignoble, criminal war and from it you have somebody so heroic that they can become president? Well, because that hero denigrated it, that’s why. But, no, in addition to denigrating it he behaved heroically we are told and have been led to believe. I forget who said this yesterday but it’s a good line. John Kerry has now spent more time talking about Vietnam than he was there. He’s talked about Vietnam more than the time he spent there. So you cannot discount it. Now, we come forward to the National Guard business. What is this really about? What this really is about, actually, is very simple. You have an overarching agenda at CBS which they’re in the tank for Kerry.
We can see by what 60 Minutes has done in this campaign with the books and the authors that they have featured, the people that they have ignored, the coverage as they have engendered it, they’re in the tank for Kerry. So here come the swiftvets and the swiftvets bore a hole right through John Kerry’s credibility, honesty, valor and integrity. Other Vietnam vets come forward and do the same thing. Now, what is the reaction to CBS? What is the reaction to the left? “You can’t get away doing this to our guy! If you do this to our guy we’re going to do it to your guy.” They don’t defend their guy because they can’t, because he’s changing his own story. Was in Cambodia or wasn’t; he did or didn’t go. He’s admitted that the first Silver Star was not what he wrote about his in journals, and Doug Brinkley — he’s changing his own story. He doesn’t himself know. Dan is all concerned the White House won’t dispute the thrust of his forged documents story.

Well, the Kerry campaign hasn’t said one iota about what the swiftvets have said. Not one thing the swiftvets have said has been refuted by anybody in the Kerry campaign. All that’s happened is the order has gone out to destroy the swiftvets, and so now the order’s gone out to destroy Bush. So you gotta manufacture a story about the National Guard story 35 years ago because John Kerry can only appear bigger than George W. Bush if they cut George W. Bush down to size. John Kerry is not bigger in stature than George W. Bush. John Kerry does not rise above other people on the basis of his own self his own essence, his own achievements, that can only happen when his opponents are cut down to size, and that’s what’s happening. It’s almost first grade childish. Oh, you gonna take a swing at my guy, “Well, I’m going to take a swing at yours,” instead of doing this the right way.
If you’re upset — and really what it means is, what it means is that points have been scored by the swiftvets and other Kerry critics, and the Kerry supporters have no choice. They have no way of building Kerry back up. They have no way of refuting the charges. All they can do is go try to find similar behavior by George W. Bush, and when they don’t find it, make it up and then come up with forged documents to support the made-up story. Well, the thing they’re forgetting is George Bush has a four-year record as president that the American people voted for and have seen. John Kerry is a mystery. His Senate record he wants to keep secret from everybody so he focuses on Vietnam. It’s no accident that everybody is looking at Vietnam, that’s where John Kerry led us. The left is in true trouble here.

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