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All right, that’s the lead. I mean, so that gives you an idea of how liberals look at this. We are terrorists. Our attacks in Iraq are terrorism just as are the acts of Zarqawi and Muqtada al-Sadr. Contained in this paragraph is pessimism, doom and gloom, and a hope for defeat, and sort of a praise and an agreement for Kofi Annan saying that the American war was illegal. Next paragraph.
“In the United States, an uneasy electorate keeps its distance from all of this. Polls show that most Americans maintain faith in the Bush administration’s handling of the war, while others greet reports of the disasters more with resignation than passionate opposition. To the mounting horror of the world, the United States of America is relentlessly bringing about the systematic destruction of a small, unthreatening nation for no good reason. Why has this not gripped the conscience of this country?” We are destroying Iraq. The terrorists who are there destroying innocent citizens, killing and kidnapping innocent people and beheading them are not destroying Iraq. The United States is destroying Iraq. This is the view that animates the American left today, all way right up to their Democratic presidential candidate, John Kerry.

In fact, what’s necessary here is perhaps even more decisive action on the part of the United States. Finally let’s go deal with Fallujah once and for all, let’s deal with Najaf once and for all, and let’s treat this the way it is. This is a war, let us not try to fight it with predominantly humanitarian means as we have been. In the midst of fighting this in humanitarian ways we still get this kind of baseless paranoid criticism from the left. Here’s the next paragraph from Boston Globe columnist James Carroll.
“The answer goes beyond Bush to the 60-year history of an accidental readiness to destroy the earth, a legacy with which we Americans have yet to reckon.” We accidentally became ready to destroy the earth, we Americans. “The punitive terror bombing that marked the end of World War II hardly registered with us.” This is nukes, Hiroshima, Nagasaki. “Then we passively accepted our government’s mad embrace of thermonuclear weapons. While we demonized our Soviet enemy, we hardly noticed that almost every major escalation of the arms race was initiated by our side — a race that would still be running if Mikhail Gorbachev had not dropped out of it.”
I don’t know, James Carroll. He’s a columnist for the Globe. I’m not aware of ever having heard of him. This piece is so brilliantly illustrative of the liberal mind-set today. Every problem in the world can be traced to the root of our military’s existence, nuclear weapons, we are terrorists, we were responsible for the arms race, only Gorbachev saved the world.

“In 1968, we elected Richard Nixon to end the war in Vietnam, then blithely acquiesced when he kept it going for years more. When Ronald Reagan made a joke of wiping out Moscow, we gathered a million strong to demand a nuclear “freeze,” but then accepted the promise of “reduction,” and took no offense when the promise was broken.”
Mr. Carroll, you are wrong. The Soviet Union is no more. (Laughing.) And you might want to talk to John Kerry about what happened in Vietnam, not Richard Nixon. If anybody was arguably more responsible for the debacle of the way that ended, you might want to go to Vietnam Vets Against the War and John Kerry. Mr. Carroll continues, “We did not think it odd that America’s immediate response to the nonviolent fall of the Berlin Wall was an invasion of Panama.” So our response to the Berlin Wall coming down was an invasion, and it was a nonviolent — so the people in the eastern bloc peacefully gave up, ladies and gentlemen. The communists easily, peacefully gave up. And what did we do? We continued our warmongering ways, we invaded Panama.

Get this. “We celebrated the first Gulf War uncritically, even though that display of unchecked American power made Iran and North Korea redouble efforts to build a nuclear weapon, while prompting Osama bin Laden’s jihad.” Oh, so now, according to Mr. Carroll, it was our unchecked power in the Gulf War, some 200 odd days, that created nuclear powers out of Iran and North Korea and gave rise to Osama bin Laden? I’m not making this up. This is what he thinks, and you’ll find that this is a view probably held in common to a certain extent or another by many on the left. There was a UN resolution for the Gulf War. There was a giant coalition of nations. The world was behind us in the Gulf War. The world was with us in the Gulf War. If anything, the show of force has illustrated to the rest of the world what will happen to them if they persist in behaving as Saddam did. North Korea redoubled efforts to build a nuclear weapon? Left out of this paragraph is how they were able to do this. The aid and assistance given them by Madeleine Albright, who admitted last week that she was tricked by those communists, and the Clinton administration. And Iran, can we talk about Jimmy Carter and what he might have done, what role he might have played in the creation of Iran as a super state?

“The war policy of George W. Bush — ‘preventive war,’ unilateralism, contempt for Geneva — breaks with tradition, but there is nothing new about the American population’s refusal to face what is being done in our name. This is a sad, old story. It leaves us ill-equipped to deal with a pointless, illegal war. The Bush war in Iraq, in fact, is only the latest in a chain of irresponsible acts of a warrior government, going back to the firebombing of Tokyo. In comparison to that, the fire from our helicopter gunships above the cities of Iraq this week is benign. Is that why we take no offense?”
We were attacked by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor. Do I need to remind anybody of this? We were attacked by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor. It was a Democrat, Harry Truman, who decided to drop the bombs. It was FDR who created a secret plan to produce and invent these weapons and not tell Congress about it. The use of those weapons ended a war in victory for the United States and Japan today is an ally and a free nation and as close to a democracy as you can get. And this man has a problem with all of this! I’m telling you it is real. It may be a forgery. The Boston Globe may have found a forged column or this guy may have submitted a forged column but it is real, it was in the paper today. Snerdley can’t believe this, sitting there laughing. I’m telling you, this is the Michael Moore, Howard Dean, Wesley Clark, John Kerry mind-set today, and that of their rabid supporters. That’s why I saw this, I said it’s a great example today. Now, let me cut to the end of this very quickly.

“John Kerry, by contrast, is attuned to the ethical complexity of this war narrative. We see that reflected in the complexity not only of his responses, but of his character — and no wonder it puts people off. Kerry’s problem, so far unresolved, is how to tell us what we cannot bear to know about ourselves. How to tell us the truth of our great moral squandering. The truth of what we are doing today in Iraq.”
I think, Mr. Carroll, you even miss this. Because John Kerry would be willing to pee all over America and surrender to those who would slit our throats in order to gain the White House. He wants us to sit here and believe that John Kerry’s challenge is to tell the American people how blood-thirsty and acquiescent we have been in immorality and war all of our existence. This is our problem, my friends, this is your problem, you, the American people, the average dunces that populate this country don’t know enough to know when your leaders are lying to you and committing murder and atrocities in your name under false premises like freedom, liberty, and democracy. All of those who have died for this country in the name of freedom and democracy were also a bunch of idiots, a bunch of duped idiots who also were not told the truth. Too bad Mikhail Gorbachev is not around as a leader anymore to set us straight once again.

I just wanted to share this with you. It’s got everything the liberals believe, and I’ve always told you they believe. The military is the focus of evil in the modern world, we are evil ourselves, our superpower status makes us that. You people are a bunch of dumb, stupid idiots that can’t make up your minds the right way, don’t have the ability to make the right judgments. We need absolute loons like John Kerry to give us our moral compass. We’ll take a break, this is not a forgery, I didn’t make this up. I read this right out of the Boston Globe.

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