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Kerry can’t convince them he can do a better job because he’s trying to say the job doesn’t need to be done! He’s trying to say the job is a mistake. Kerry is trying to say, “The job is no more than Vietnaaaaaaaaaaam and we’ve got to get the hell out of there.”
This whole campaign is not a campaign designed to win, folks, and I’m going to say that right off the top. It doesn’t looking it’s a campaign designed to win, not in any America I know. If this were the middle of the Vietnam War, and it was after ten years of relentless pounding on the war in Iraq and there was sufficient public opinion against it and if there were 55,000 U.S. deaths, and if the unemployment rate was 14% and interest rates were 21%, I could understand this campaign, but this campaign makes no sense. It makes no sense whatsoever unless you understand the paradigm, unless you understand the context, unless you understand the karma, and the karma is that the left is losing collectively its mind — and they are lashing out like cornered rats.
Rather than realize that they’ve got some problems, admit to them, identify them, and try to fix them, they live in their delusional world that everything about them is still right, and everybody else is a bunch of idiots for not getting it; and since everybody is a bunch of idiots for not getting it the left thinks, they’ve got to yell and shout and scream even more to get through to you thick-heads out there. What they don’t realize is the more they do that the more hysterical they appear and that does not inspire confidence in anyone, particularly undecided or unlikely voters.

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