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Scott is a pretty sizable guy, so the comparison was obvious. The liberal looked like a liberal; the conservative looked like a conservative. “What do you mean, Rush, ‘a liberal looked like a liberal’? You can’t judge…” My friends, I hate to tell you this, I’ll be wrong sometimes. Snerdley says, “Don’t say it.” (Laughing.) This used to make even my close friends mad when I said, “I can spot a liberal just by looking at them.” Don’t do it, Rush. Don’t go there. All right, I won’t. I’ve gone far enough. That’s not the point of the story anyway. Anyway Matthews is asking these two guys about the draft. “Do you want the draft to come back?”
And my guy, Scott, says, “No, of course not,” and the liberal says, “No, of course not.” So Matthews starts on this tangent, “Well, see, who do you kids think you are, who’s going to do this if you don’t? How can you support a war but you’re not willing to go fight it?” and my boy, Scott, says, “Well, I was in the Marine Corps for six and a half years.” I was in the Marine Corps for six and a half year, and Matthews says, “All right, you’re covered. You’re covered.” Anyway, I had to point this out to you because I was stunned watching this. The president cannot order a draft, folks. It just cannot happen, and Dan Rather knows this, and CBS knows this, and on the heels of this fraudulent document story, they still won’t give it up.

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