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RUSH: Since so many of you seem to be so upset about this Hillary Clinton business, let’s go ahead and get started with it. Hillary Clinton. I’m going to call what she did yesterday a new name for it: Hillatosis — not to be confused with halitosis. Hillatosis. The whole media has been just dazzled; the media has been amazed; the media has been glorifying Mrs. Clinton’s “move to the center.” Mrs. Clinton’s move to the right. Mrs. Clinton’s move to the moderate wing of the political movement in this country — and, of course, I’ve sat here and told you that that’s bogus, and that’s BS, that she’s a liberal. She’s always been a liberal. We all know who liberals are. A tiger is a tiger; a liberal is a liberal. Have you noticed something else? I’ve been meaning to mention this for the past two weeks, maybe even longer. But she really got into it in great detail last night in this speech. I think the Democrats have come up with a new talking point or a focus group line, and that is the Republicans’ quest for “absolute power,” “mad dash for power,” “consolidating power,” “abuse of power,” and I think this dovetails with their continuing elevation of this whole concept of minority rights, and I think it’s a campaign-tested focus group line, and I think Mrs. Clinton is using it and all the other Democrats are because, as I told you, everything they’re doing, be it with the judges in the Senate — oh, we got great comments from the Senate floor today on the debate involving Janice Rogers Brown. We’re loaded today, folks. We’re going to get to it in due course, setting the table for you here.
But the fact of the matter is, they’ve been talking about this abuse of power and Bush wants absolute power, this minority rights business — and the point is that everything they’re doing is an electoral strategy while they’re attempting to make sure as best they can that after eight years of Bush it’s basically eight years of nothing. They’re trying to delegitimize the whole eight years, they’re willing running for reelection in ’06 and ’08 by trying to scare the American people into thinking that this administration wants to consolidate and abuse power like no administration in the history of the country ever has and that it’s dangerous, we’re into one-party rule. All these terms that they’re using are designed to do the one thing that Democrats have learned to do best, and that’s incite fear. Theirs is an existence of fear and crisis. They have nothing uplifting or positive to offer to even talk about. Everything is doom and gloom. It’s got to be hell to wake up and be a Democrat today. It has to be hell to wake up every morning and be a liberal. You cannot be happy. You simply by definition and institutional existence are not allowed to be happy. I just don’t know anybody who is sane who wants to go through life like that, and Mrs. Clinton’s speech to a bunch of fund-raisers yesterday, a bunch of contributors, epitomized all of this. Mainstream media going gaga over Hillary the moderate, Hillary the member of the Armed Services Committee, Hillary the person reaching out to Republicans, but the views that she expressed last night are not the words of a moderate person; they are the words of a deeply angry person, a woman close to being unhinged in her animus and fury toward those who hold different views than she does. I mean the words that she used in this fund-raiser appearance last night, this is the real Hillary.
I’m going to spend some time today pointing it out to you. They’re the words of the real Hillary. Her charges are unfounded. They are reckless and irresponsible, but they are understandable in the sense that Hillary, like every other Democrat, finds themselves in the throes of panic each and every day. Now, you’ll note (interruption). Mr. Snerdley, you’ve been watching the news this morning; have you seen much on this speech on television? I haven’t, either. I was watching the news today as I have two monitors here. It’s always on during the show prep and I glance at it now and then. My computer monitor is facing a different direction than the TVs, so I don’t actually see both at the same time. But I glance over often enough. I didn’t see anything about this speech. Why is that? Why was there nothing about this speech? There was some because we’ve got some audio from it, not a whole lot but there were some cameras there, there were some microphones there. Why is it not being widely broadcast do you think, Mr. Snerdley? Take a stab in the dark. Why do you (interruption). It’s because it does not fit with the template that she’s moving to the center. It doesn’t fit with the template of Hillary the moderate, Hillary the reasonable on the arms services committee; it doesn’t fit with any of this. What this is, is Hillary as Howard Dean, and they’re not going to give this wide berth and they haven’t. That’s why we’re here.
RUSH: Almost a year ago (thumping desk)… Just one week shy of one year ago, there was a ceremony that took place in the White House. When I saw it I told Cookie, “I want you to hold onto this video. Hold onto these clips, because they’re going to come in very handy. They’re going to come in handy as Campaign ’06 and Campaign ’08 ramp up.” I want you to hear exactly what I said to Cookie on June 14th, 2004.
RUSH ARCHIVE: Cookie, we’re going to keep these sound bites handy, and every time Hillary or Bill or somebody in their direct orb rips into Bush, we’re going to play what Bush said about them at the unveiling of their portrait and we’ll just let the side-by-side, A-B juxtaposition speak for itself.
RUSH: Time to revisit our archives, ladies and gentlemen, June 14th, 2004. President Bush speaking about Hillary Clinton as her official portrait was unveiled along with that of her husband in the White House.
PRESIDENT BUSH: From the earliest days of her youth in Park Ridge, Illinois, Hillary Rodham impressed her family and friends as a person of great ability and serious purpose. At Maine Township High School South at Wellesley College and Yale Law School classmates saw her not just as an achiever but as a role model and as a leader. She inspired respect and loyalty from those who know her and it was a good day in both their lives when they met at the library at Yale Law School. (laughter) Hillary’s commitment to public service continued when she left this house. Look, New York politics is serious business. It’s rough business. Takes an extraordinary person to campaign and win the United States Senate. She has proven herself more equal to the challenge — and she takes a interesting spot in American history today. For she is the only sitting senator whose portrait hangs in the White House.
RUSH: Now you’re really mad, aren’t you? Now that I’ve reminded you of that. You were mad enough when this day started, when you heard what Hillary said, but now you’re really mad. Well, this is why I kept this stuff around, because I want to do this A-B, side-by-side juxtaposition comparison for you, just to illustrate who these people really are. Remember how mad you were when Bush did this? You remember how mad you were when Bush lauded Bill Clinton as well, and we told you this is who he is. He is a man who believes in the honor of the White House and the select club nature of the — well, the very rare nature of the club — people who have identified the Oval Office. He’s not going to demean it; he’s not going to disrespect it, and furthermore he’s man of faith and he does not get into partisan battle with his people; he doesn’t very often criticize people, but certainly in a setting like this he will not. But that’s him. That’s just who George W. Bush is. You might say he’s a man of class. He’s a man with dignity. You just heard what he said about Hillary Rodham Clinton and this is why I kept it because here’s a montage of Mrs. Clinton last night or yesterday at a Women for Hillary fund-raiser.

HILLARY RODHAM RODHAM: You know, the president has two principal financial priorities: the tax cuts for the wealthiest among us, and funding the war in Iraq — and, of course, it’s inconvenient, it’s another one of these inconvenient facts that he’s the first president in history that took us to war and cut taxes at the same time. There has never been an administration, I don’t believe in our history, more intent upon consolidating and abusing power to further their own agenda than the current administration. (Applause) It is very hard to stop people who have never been acquainted with the truth. The question about the country’s future not just their own partisan political advantage.

RUSH: Now, that’s all we have of this. It wasn’t widely available but I have a little transcript here of some of her remarks. Some of them are repeated from what you just heard. “There’s never been an administration, I don’t believe in our history, more intent upon consolidating and abusing power to further their own agenda.” Winning elections is what consolidating power is all about. The president has won elections! The Republicans have won elections. They lead the House; they lead the Senate. The president has put his own people into cabinet positions. He’s trying to put his own people in ambassadorial slots. Of course he’s consolidating his power no different than what her husband and her did when they were in the White House. They didn’t go out and appoint a bunch of political opponents in their cabinet; they didn’t go out and appoint a bunch of political opponents to be ambassadors say to the United Nations or anywhere else. This is what happens. You consolidate power when you win elections! That’s the whole point of our system. The problem is the Democrats can’t consolidate power because they can’t figure out how to win elections and so what they’re trying to do is frighten everybody into thinking that consolidating power is un-American. They want the notion that we share power; they want the notion that minority have rights; they want the notion that the losers actually get to say how things go in our democracy — and of course it’s not that way and of course they never believe that when they are in the majority. They shut the Republicans out; they do nothing to be accommodating.
It’s the way the system is. But since the Democrats have so rarely been in the last four years on the losing side of all this, since they’ve so rarely been in the minority, they can’t get accustomed to it and they’re trying their best to make these eight years illegitimate. They’re trying their best to make everybody think they ought to still be running the program, running the show, running the country, and the way they’re doing it is with Mrs. Clinton’s words here, this continued reference to abusing power, consolidating power, raw power. All of these things are designed to simply convey a message to the American people that this is a dictatorship-like government rather than a representative republic or a democracy. Mrs. Clinton also said, “I know it’s frustrating for many of you. It’s frustrating for me. ‘Why can’t the Democrats do more to stop them?’ I can tell you this: It’s very hard to stop people who have no shame about what they’re doing. It’s very hard to tell people that they’re making decisions that will undermine our checks and balances and constitutional system of government who don’t care, very hard to stop people who have never been acquainted with the truth.” This is psychological here. This is just pure psychobabble. Very hard to stop people who have no shame about what they’re doing? It’s very hard to tell people that they’re making decisions that will undermine our checks and balances? That’s a direct reference to the constitutional option. I mean, the minority doesn’t have any “checks and balances” here on the majority in the Senate. That’s not what Checks and Balances refers to. Checks and balances refer to the different branches of government: Congress checking the executive, vice-versa.

The judicial branch is supposed to be in there somewhere on checks and balances but they’ve been exempt from checks and balances for who knows how long. “Mrs. Clinton described Republican leaders as ‘messianic’ in their beliefs, willing to manipulate facts and even destroy the Senate to gain political advantage over the Democratic minority. She also labeled the House of Representatives ‘a dictatorship of the Republican leadership,’ where individual members are all but required to vote in lockstep with the majority’s agenda.” They have to go to the House of Representatives. That’s exactly what happens in the House of Representatives. You tell me where the Democrats are not in lockstep in the Senate. Whenever there is a press inquiry into how a Senate vote is going to go, what does it always focus on? The maverick Republicans. How many of them will be reasonable? How many of them will bolt their party leadership. You never get stories like that about the Democrats. What we have here is sheer anger and panic. Folks, it’s what I’ve always told you: They’re so obsessed with this hatred and rage, and I think part of their hatred is due to the fact they’re losing. Thee hate you. They’re angry at the voters. They can’t believe you’ve done this to them, and so they’re lashing out with all this — and I’ll tell you what they’re doing is projecting. When you listen to Hillary or listener to any Democrat these days, listen to their accusations, the things they accuse their opponents of and you’ll find that you’re listening to exactly what they want to do, what they have done. They are identify themselves via this projection. They tell us who they are by criticizing us, by criticizing their opponents. They actually have the gall to go out and accuse the Republicans of being who the Democrats really are. So this is Mrs. Clinton and she’s blowing it all to hell if her election really depends on being perceived as a moderate, because this is nothing like moderate. This is nowhere near it. Sheer ultra-leftism.
RUSH: I’ve got to be honest, folks. I’m really having to — maybe you can tell, I’m having to — gut it up here to act like I care about this. It’s nothing new. It’s Hillary Clinton. What in the world is new about this? There’s nothing new about who she is. There’s nothing new about how whacked out, crazy she can sound. There’s nothing new about her being an ultra-liberal, and there’s nothing new about the details and contents of what she said. Do you know where the New York Times put this story? B-1, Section B, front page. Not front page, Section B. If she were giving a speech to some pro-lifers and trying to convince them she were a moderate, guess what? They’d put it on the front page. They put this on the front page of Section B. Why? Because they know. They’re hiding who the real Hillary is. If you can call Section B hiding it but they’re certainly not trumpeting it — and the next time she goes out and makes a speech as a moderate Democrat it will be right there on the front page and we’ll get press coverage of it out the wazoo and everybody will go, “Gaga, goo-goo,” and act like this is the greatest thing since sliced bread and all we are is being spun here. Well, we’re not but I mean the mainstream press, of course, Hillary acolytes will do whatever they can to make her look good and hide whatever it is that hurts her. Why is this on B-1? I’ll tell you. Why is it not on television? Because they know it doesn’t help; they know liberalism doesn’t win elections. They’re angry about it, and you can read about it on the editorial page, the front page, see it on their network newscasts but they still know liberalism loses elections. Why are they mad at Howard Dean?
Howard Dean is not helping them do anything. Howard Dean is not even helping them raise money. Their fund-raising is way down. Howard Dean is not winning any converts. Howard Dean goes out there and says, “The three things the Democrats have to do: make Election Day a national holiday, portability of pensions, and make sure the voting machines have a paper trail”? Come on, folks, this is horrible! This is pathetic. It almost makes you want to feel sorry for these dunderheads, they are so out of it. Here comes Mrs. Clinton doing Howard Dean and it barely gets mentioned. In many cases it is hidden because this is who she really is. So she’s out fund raising. This is a fund-raiser. She has to appeal to the kooks. And I think she probably felt very much at home. Some other things that Mrs. Clinton had to say in this speech that we don’t have audio or tape on. “In some of her sharpest language, Mrs. Clinton said that abetting Republicans was a Washington press corps that has become a pale imitation of the Watergate-era reports who are being celebrated amid the identification of Deep Throat.” Now, I can’t take it seriously, folks. I am sorry. It’s so ridiculous. I can’t even get worked up about it. I don’t want to waste any time analyzing it. You can hear the frustration in my voice. It’s insane; it’s stupid. This is like talking to a six-year-old. Analyzing this story is like trying to argue logic with a six-year-old. It’s a waste of time. She said the Washington press corps is helping the Republicans; they’ve become a pale imitation of Woodward and Bernstein?
“It’s shocking when you see how easily they fold in the media today. They don’t stand their ground. If they’re criticized by the White House they just fall apart.” It’s all I can do to maintain my composure and not launch into a string of profanities. You want to go back to the archives and get just a sample tape of an average White House press briefing, if you want to see, what does she say? The press folding? White House criticizes and they just fall apart? I’ve never seen a more argumentative press corps with Scott McClellan or with George W. Bush. How about the press conference where they demanded, six different reporters demanded, that he apologize or admit that he made a mistake about something? I mean it’s just clear that Mrs. Clinton thinks her audience is uninformed or ill-informed or doesn’t know the truth of anything because they will just soak all this up. “I mean, come on, tough it up, guys. She said to the media; it’s only our Constitution and country at stake.” This is all part of the theme, Bush team consolidating absolute power, running ram shod over the US Senate and all of that. She also said, “I stay awake at night thinking about all the mistakes and the wrong direction and all the bad decisions being made in Washington. It’s very hard to stop people who have no shame about what they’re doing; it’s very hard to stop people who have never been acquainted with the truth. We can’t ever, ever give into the Republican agenda. It’s not good for New York, and it’s not good for America.” Now, granted, this is a fund-raiser for her Senate race and she’s running for reelection in the Senate.
But this is an illustration, too, of the problem that she has. Running for the presidency she’s got to go out there and be Little Miss Moderate and then she’s got to go out and reelection for the state of New York, for the Senate, she’s got to go out there and be Howard Dean II. But I don’t even believe this. “I stay awake at night thinking about all the mistakes and the wrong direction, all the bad decisions being made in Washington.” New York Sun, headline: Abandoning Moderation, Clinton Lashes Out at Bush. I don’t know, folks. It’s just don’t know what to tell you. It’s not worth getting all worked up over. It’s Hillary Clinton. This is like getting upset when you read something said by Satan. I’m not comparing her to Satan, but take a known figure that says something and you say you’re going to be surprised by it. Why are you going to be surprised? I’m not saving any power. Here’s the bottom line. I do not have Hillary-itis. I’m not afraid of Hillary Clinton. I refuse to be — and I get fed up and worn out by people that seems to be all worked up and panicked about Hillary Clinton and I hear all these stories. I read all these columns. “She’s a lock! She’s got the nomination wrapped up! She’s unbeatable.” Fine, bring it on! I think we’re going to redefine negative turnout if Hillary Clinton is a Democratic presidential nominee. I don’t care who the Republican nominee is.
There’s going to be negative turnout like the Democrats have never seen before. Memories on our side of the aisle are not short. But really, it’s the fear, the panic that I don’t get and I have very little patience and tolerance for. She’s just a human being, she’s just a woman. I know why you’re afraid, folks, and this is precisely why I’m not. You are afraid because you think the press loves her. Well, get over it. The press loves a lot of people. They love Tom Daschle. The press loves Harry Reid. The press loves Bill Clinton, but he’s still trying to rebuild his legacy. Despite all the efforts they’ve made to build his legacy, they haven’t succeeded. All that press love really helped a bunch of Democrats get elected. They loved John Kerry, too. They couldn’t get him elected. What’s the justification to being afraid of the mainstream press? They don’t have a monopoly anymore. Their power is dwindling — by the day. That’s why they have to go back and celebrate a news event 32, 33 years ago to give themselves a feeling of relevance. It’s why Mrs. Clinton has to cite Watergate and impeachment in chiding the press for doing what they’re supposed to do. The press is not helping the Democrats beat Republicans anymore. The press can’t pull it off. So I’m sick and tired of people who are afraid of the press. I’m sick and tired of people who are going to go, “Oh, no, Rush! Do you see what they said about us!”

I don’t care what they said! If I were to sit there and ask caring and frightened of the mainstream press, I would essentially be saying I don’t matter. If I’m going to sit here and say, “Did you see what the press said?” Why am I here? You know, for 16 years, myself, bunch of people have been successfully battling these people and whittling down their sphere of dominant influence and it’s been profoundly successful, and it’s going to keep up. It’s going to continue to grow. The mainstream press isn’t growing. They are not spreading further word, they’re not — they’re not — I know the worldwide press teamed with them, can paint a necessity vetting picture every day and you can be shouting at me right now, “What about Abu Ghraib, what about G’itmo? What about it?” I see a bunch of people flailing away. I don’t see anybody making any points. I don’t see us closing down G’itmo. I do have a problem with people who do react in panic to the press, and unlike Mrs. Clinton, sometimes I think the administration and the Pentagon go too far responding to these people, rather than keeping their eye on what they’re supposed to do. But I don’t. You know, I’m growing more and more impatient with this cowering in the corner because the press may end up liking somebody and be unfair in their praise or coverage of people. It’s of no consequence to me. It doesn’t matter. I have more faith in the American people — a faith, by the way, born of actual election results.
RUSH: Manny from Ontario, you’re back. You got a strong cell signal there now, pal?
CALLER: I think I do, Rush.
RUSH: Great. Great to have you back here, Manny, welcome to the show. We go out of our way to provide customer service on this program, and this is a great example.
CALLER: I had to go about two kilometers [Canadian metric system] down the road and now we’re back. So I just want to comment that I think Hillary is making an effort to take the moderate road, and I think that this country needs that. I think that the liberals —
RUSH: Wait, hold, hold. “We” in which country?
CALLER: The United States.
RUSH: Well, you’re in Canada.
CALLER: Well, I’m just on the 401 in Canada but I’m not a resident of Canada.
RUSH: Oh, you’re an American, you live in the United States?
CALLER: Exactly.
RUSH: Oh, okay.
CALLER: So I’m just — I’m just on the road here and I was listening to your show.
RUSH: What, did you go up there for some marijuana or something since the Supreme Court ruling?
CALLER: Well, exactly. They have the best, and if you get it here it’s a lot cheaper, so… With that said… No, Hillary, I think what Hillary is doing is trying to bring both sides to the table. This —
RUSH: Manny, seriously, how can you say that?
CALLER: I’m too Republican. I’m too liberal. It’s out of control and it’s not doing anybody any good.
RUSH: I don’t know how you can say this, though. Did you hear the sound bites earlier in the program that I played of Mrs. Clinton at her fund-raiser yesterday?
CALLER: I did, Rush, but I hear —
RUSH: This is —
CALLER: I hear the same — I hear the same sound bites from the conservatives on the other side, from the Republicans on the other side. It’s — this nation has not been a united nation since sometime in 2001 where everything —
RUSH: No, no, no. Manny, that’s another thing. The whole concept of a “united nation” in the sense that everybody agrees ideologically, has never been the case. Go back to the founding days. It’s never been the case. There’s always been an ideological battle in this country; there’s always been a political battle. It’s how we manage our affairs, and it takes place in the arena of ideas where you try to persuade as many people as possible that you’re right and then you get them to go vote, and when they vote in your favor that gives you a mandate to implement what you want because the majority rules in a representative republic, slash democracy. The Democrats don’t want to play by those rules; they don’t want to consider losing, and they don’t want to have to do what they have to do in the arena of ideas to get their power back. There’s nothing moderate about Mrs. Clinton here. She’s not trying to bring the country together. I don’t know of any Republican elected official who talks of Democrats the way Mrs. Clinton and her party talk about George W. Bush. It doesn’t happen. This really is a one-way street, and I think it’s one of the reasons that they’re losing. It’s one of the reasons. Their side of the aisle is nothing but a bunch of mad insaniacs.
Really, these people are getting further off the deep end on a daily basis. But to say that Mrs. Clinton is trying to unite the country? If anybody is trying to do that, it’s Bush, and Bush is showing you how impossible it is. Bush is the one that is not ideological; Bush is the one that’s not political. I’m talking about his demeanor; I’m talking about the way he deals with people; I’m talking about how he always is respectful of Democrat opponents. Yeah, he appoints his people in positions of power. That’s the spoils of victory. You win elections; you get to name the judges. You win elections; you get to name the cabinet. You win elections; you get to name the ambassadors. You win elections; you get to work with the Congress on legislation. That’s the way it works. Democrats, Republicans have always done this. But Bush is not a mean person. Bush is not saying horrible things about Hillary Clinton or Bill Clinton. Quite the contrary. Bush is not ripping Harry Reid. It’s Harry Reid that’s saying Bush is “a loser” and not apologizing for it. It’s the Democrats who come up and compare Republican-appointed judges to Ku Klux Klan members when the Democrats have a former Klan member in the Senate, Sheets Byrd!
It’s the Democrats who are vitriolic, who are angry, who are seething with hatred and rage, who are saying things about people that were it not in the political arena, they could be sued for slander and they’d all be bankrupt right now. You don’t find these comments being made about Democrats by Republicans — and guess whose winning these elections? To sit here and say that Mrs. Clinton is trying to unify the country, Manny, I hate to tell you, you’ve got to go back to school. You need more of this program, you need an open mind, and you need to stop getting rid of this flowers-and-daisy version of America where everybody all gets along and we’re all united, with the same sense of purpose. It’s not been the case. There are winners and losers in the American political system, and it always is an ebb and flow; it always goes back and forth because the winners eventually screw up and the loser have an option to get back in power. But what’s unprecedented here is the losers refusing to lose and acting like the winners are an aberration, a mirage, and so if anybody is gumming up the works of the country, if anybody is trying to pretend that the institutions that made the country great don’t exist and don’t need to be abided by, it’s the Democratic Party led by Hillary Clinton. Sorry, pal, just the way it is.

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