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RUSH: I have to read you the most touching e-mail that we got at Rush 24/7. One of our members, one of our subscribers sent an e-mail to the Rush comments line, and the subject line is: “Take Rush To War With You.” It’s about our podcasts, but that’s not the main point here.
<i>Dear Rush,
As a charter member of 24/7, I thought I’d be missing out on all the great benefits when I left for Iraq last December. I finally got into a satellite system over here that will allow me to play your MP3 files of the show, which I and my fellow soldiers greatly miss on a daily basis. Sure we get interrupted with an occasional helicopter flying overhead or incoming rockets we receive here at Camp Ramadi, but it’s all worth it. I won’t kid you Rush, things are not all peachy over here right now, but DO NOT let the liberal biased pansies tell you otherwise. We ARE winning, we ARE killing terrorists who deserve to die, and we ARE making a difference over here.
My wife knows how much I miss the show from back home and she wanted to send me a coffee mug to help ease the toils of war. I told her to wait ’til I get home as I didn’t want it getting messed up with the dirt and sand we live in or some mortar blowing it to pieces. That would greatly upset me for sure.
Rush, you are an American hero and an icon in your own right. Never stop fighting the good fight as we sure aren’t over here. Surrender is not in our creed. Keep up the good work sir.</i>

This is from first sergeant — I’m not going to mention his last name. Paul A. is his first name and initial, and he’s severing with the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force at Camp Ramadi in Iraq. So he’s able now to get the podcasts of the program. Maybe what we ought to do, I don’t have his address, but we could certainly find it somewhere, his wife’s, send him some Jihad Java mugs. You know, send him a couple Jihad Java mugs and send him some Club G’itmo T-shirts. Can you imagine, ooh, ooh, members of the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force wearing some Club G’itmo T-shirts during their downtime? So, Koko, go to work on this and see what we can come up with, and we’ll send a couple of mugs and ten shirts, different sizes and so forth over there, show a little bit of gratitude. A little bit is all it is.
But I wanted to share this with you, because we get these from time to time, from soldiers who are in the theater of battle, and the ones that I hear from constantly reference how irritating it is to read American media about how they’re not accomplishing anything over there when of course they clearly think and know that they are. I have to also tell you, it’s sort of humbling to me to think that here these guys are in the line of fire and they’re all excited about being able to get these MP3 files to listen to the program. I’m just gratified that we’re able here in one small way to help improve the circumstances over there, and give them a taste of what the country’s actually thinking at the same time. So it’s a win-win all the way around.

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