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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m tempted to say that we are on “Summer’s eve.” We are at summer’s eve. I know Summer’s Eve is also — I think; I used to be an expert in these things — a feminine deodorant spray, but it also designates, ladies and gentlemen, that we are in the last days of the administration of Larry Summers as president of Harvard — and by the way this happened I think we need to change the name from Harvard to Hervard, because a bunch of angry feminazis took him out simply because he spoke the truth about diversity on campus, and the differences in men and women.
The feminist movement is still alive and well and it contains the central belief there’s really no difference between men and women, we’re all the same, we’re all just conditioned differently, but we can all do what everybody else does, we’re all equal, there is no inherent difference. Now, you think I’m joking when I suggest they change the name from Harvard to Hervard; they changed the word history to herstory at one point, remember, in the militant feminist movement. In fact, maybe we can have two schools, Hisvard and Hervard and just sequester the students. Hervard, ubersexuals need not apply, metrosexuals would be welcome, but the few slots are very competitive. Transsexuals, your scholarship is in the mail before you even apply.
Larry Summers, he could stand up to the Republicans. Oh, yeah. He could stand up to powerful international interests. I mean, he was a treasury secretary, former treasury secretary in the Clinton administration. He could stand up to all kinds of powerful interests, Republicans as well, but not to the faculty at Hervard. No contest. He didn’t stand a prayer. “Lawrence Summers has announced he will resign as president of Harvard University at the end of the 2005-2006 academic year. The school announced this on its website. Summers became the 27th president of Harvard after Neil Rudenstein announced in May of 2001 his resignation after nearly a decade.”
What got him in trouble was that last year he suggested that innate gender differences between the sexes might explain the few women in science and math. That’s all it took, and I’ll tell you what. I’m hearing that what finally got him out, a former Clinton administration official said, (doing Clinton impression) “You can’t win this. You should leave,” just like they went to Andrew Cuomo and Bob Torricelli and said, “Hey, you know who really runs this show, don’t you? It ain’t you, and it ain’t your dad, and it ain’t that guy that gave you all those watches in cash, Bob. It’s me, and for the good of the party you both are out. If you want to live, sign this document. We’ll make sure you find other things to do, but you’re not going to run for office in this party,” and the same thing happened to Larry Summers.
Well, (interruption). I know they’re a little bit upset at him for trying to stop grade inflation, but that’s not the real thing. They just threw that in there. They are inflating grades because if you’re Hervard, your graduates must be upper crust. You can’t have a bunch of C and D students get out of school so they were elevating the grades, and he didn’t want to do that. (interruption) Well, it’s an institution, they got a reputation to protect. So there was a 218-185 “no confidence” vote from Hervard’s faculty of arts and sciences last March. “Faculty votes are symbolic because the seven-member Hervard corporation has sole authority to fire the university’s president.”

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