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RUSH: Katy in Lavonia, Michigan. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.
CALLER: Hi. Mega dittos from a stay-at-home mom, Rush.
RUSH: Nice to have you on the program, Katy.
CALLER: Well, thanks for taking my call. I was calling because I wanted to comment on the Bob Woodruff piece on ABC tonight. I just thought it was a perfect example of the liberal media thinking they’re the heroes of the war instead of the soldiers who put themselves in harm’s way every day.
RUSH: You know, there’s a grain of truth in what you say. You gotta be very careful here because nobody is unhappy that Bob Woodruff is recovering from his injuries. Everybody is happy about that. But we do not get stories of valor in the Drive-By Media about soldiers. We do not get too many profiles of the seriously injured and their recovery and the great strides they make. We get some of that, but normally what we get is how there are rats running around the hospitals, it’s Bush’s fault, Bush doesn’t care. There is some sympathy for these people, but never valor. But there is valor for injured journalists and their quest to return to normal and the hard work they put in during rehabilitation. It is constantly chronicled and we are asked to have all this great respect and so forth, which, nobody is denying the return to good health of Bob Woodruff. But it is interesting that this kind of reporting does not make it and is not common with injured US servicemen.

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