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RUSH: Well, have you seen this AP story?
?U.S. officers said Monday they had discovered a factory for assembling sophisticated roadside bombs from Iranian-made components – the first such facility uncovered in a religiously mixed province north of Baghdad. The officers, who displayed weapons for reporters at a U.S. base in the capital, said the find provides more evidence that the Iranians are providing weapons used to kill Americans. They include EFPs – explosively formed projectiles – that fire a slug of molten metal capable of penetrating armored vehicles and have been blamed for killing more than 170 U.S. and coalition soldiers since 2004. The display was the latest in a series presented by the U.S. military to bolster its allegation that Iranian weapons are being supplied to Shiite militias. ? Iran’s denied the charge and some private defense analysts say Iranian weaponry is widely available on international arms markets. US ordnance experts maintain the worksmanship and component parts is uniquely Iranian and too high in quality to have been copied by Iraqi extremists without access to advanced machinery.?
In addition, they have captured an Iranian general, a Quds general, they captured this general late last year. He’s still in custody. Now, I’m sure that the owners of defeat will find a way to explain this. I’m sure that our beloved Democrats and comedy writers at prominent late night American TV shows will find a way to explain this away. ?Well, of course the Iranians are there. Bush is threatening to wipe ’em out. Bush is threatening to bomb their nuclear facilities,? it’s Bush, Bush, Bush. Bush will be responsible for all of this in terms of the owners of defeat explaining this away.

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