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“Dick Cheney is my hero. He’s been on the warpath lately, folks. He’s been out there taking on the Drive-Bys and the Democrats. He hasn’t been holding back and he hasn’t been backing down. It’s very refreshing.”
“Whatever this visceral hatred is, it is sick — and it resides exclusively on the left. And yet these people get away with this image of love and tolerance and compassion when they’re really just a bunch of sickos.”
“By the way, there’s a new premium for new subscribers at Rush 24/7 and the Limbaugh Letter — a ‘Rush for Peace’ mug in honor of my Nobel Peace Prize nomination. I’m already getting complaint e-mails about this: ‘How come I can’t just buy one? I’m already a subscriber!’ It’s called marketing!”
“You don’t run for president when you’re overweight — you just don’t do it! Just like how people don’t like old guys like McCain, they don’t like smokers like Obama, and they don’t like Mormons like Romney.”
“The latest assault on members of the military claims that the vast majority of them come from little Dust Bowl towns with no future and no education. You know, it is just repugnant to me to watch an ongoing, recycled effort to impugn the honor and the integrity of the volunteers of the US Armed Forces.”
“We do not get stories in the Drive-By Media about the valor of our soldiers, nor do we get too many profiles about the great strides they make. Well, we get some of that, but normally it’s about how there are rats running around the hospitals and how it’s Bush’s fault.”
“Al Gore is rich, and that is wonderful. He has the right to go out and buy a mansion and use as much electricity and natural gas as he wants. But the problem is he doesn’t want this opportunity for everybody else, and that is what the global warming/climate crisis BS is all about.”
“We don’t know how much of the money that goes to the Clinton Library and Massage Parlor finds its way into the back pockets or the bank accounts of the Clintons.”
“When anybody wants to know what the conservative view on any issue is, they call here. All roads lead to me: Rush Limbaugh and the EIB Network. Way to nod in agreement there, Brian.”
“I just had to deal with a sad, disgruntled employee during the break: Mr. Snerdley. He was complaining to me that whenever I go into a global warming riff, the calls that come in are useless. I said, ‘Don’t worry about it, Mr. Snerdley. When I say something, there is nothing left to be said.'”

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