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RUSH: Have you heard about what went on at the University of Missouri-Rolla? ?Nearly two dozen people were being decontaminated yesterday after a white powdery substance was found on a student who claimed to have a bomb and threatened ?terrorist-type’ actions. The man, described as an ?international graduate student,? was depressed about his grades, according to police. School officials said possible bomb materials were found when he was taken into custody. Twenty-three people were sent through a decontamination process Tuesday morning outside the University’s civil engineering building where a police standoff with the student had started around 2:30. Acting police chief Mark Kearse said when the cops arrived the student was holding a knife and that he held up a bag and said ?this is a bomb.? He also claimed to have anthrax. Mayor William Jenks said the student?s identity and nationality were not released had problems and was depressed.?
We have an international student; identity and nationality weren?t released; claimed to have a bomb; threatened terrorist type activities. How remarkable, ladies and gentlemen, no one knows his name. No one knows his homeland. Now, we have to ask ourselves, ?Is there a common link with the many other little single incidents of sudden jihad syndrome?? Because that’s what this is, sudden jihad syndrome. From cabdrivers to the flying imams to any number of activities. How about that nut that tried to run over the students at University of North Carolina last year. This is sort of like not naming the driver of an SUV. The SUV does all this. International student, identity and nationality not released. Hmm.

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