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Rush’s Morning Update: No Fear
May 2, 2008

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Today, ladies and gentlemen,I address the Democrat superdelegates. It must be apparent to you “supers” that Senator Obama will not lead you to victory in November (painfully, obviously),but you fear that denying him supportwill create a permanent fissure between black voters and the Democrat Party. No Democrat has the courage to examine this flawed premise, so let me do it for you.Consider these facts:

•President John Kennedy and his brother Robert wiretapped Dr. King. Blacks stayed with Democrats.

•Democrats stood in schoolhouse doors, vowing segregation forever; Democrats voted against landmark civil rights legislationthat Republican votes passed. Blacks stayed with Democrats.

•Democrats created the welfare state,essentially destroying millions of black families. Blacks stayed with Democrats.

•Democrats bowed to teachers’ unions, ruining public education for generations of black kids — leaving them unequipped to participate as equals in American society. And yet, blacks stayed with Democrats.

•Democrats urged the early release of criminals, to further prey on law-abiding black citizens. Blacks stayed with Democrats.

•Democrats threw blacks under the bus during the immigration debate because Hispanics are now the largest minority voting block. Blacks stayed with Democrats.

•Democrats have not supported blacks achieving power –Carl McCall denied funds when he ran for New York governor; civil rights icon Maynard Jackson denied leadership at the DNC. Blacks, nevertheless,stayed with Democrats.

•Hillary mocked black speech; Bill pulled the race card. Blacks stayed with Democrats.

You superdelegates are worried about denying Obama support? You’ve done worse!And blacks have stayed with you — as they will this time. Have courage!

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