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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, I want to start the hour here by restating the origins of Operation Chaos and the goal, because I am continuing to receive mail, e-mail from people, you, who listen in this audience, who are getting panicked and paranoid that Mrs. Clinton is going to end up winning this whole thing and that it will be my fault and that if that happens, you are never, ever, going to listen to this program again. May we go back, ladies and gentlemen, and restate the purpose of Operation Chaos. It is important for all of you operatives to know that I cannot handle and will not tolerate dissension in the ranks, and I will not tolerate less than a positive, energetic attitude as we approach another battle, two more battles tomorrow. The purpose of Operation Chaos was to politically bloody up Barack Obama when we started this. We started this right before the Texas and Ohio primaries and cauci. The Republican Party and Senator McCain had made it clear, had made it plain they were not going to be critical of Barack Obama. At the time Obama was sailing to what appeared to be a surefire victory. Operation Chaos was formed for the express purpose of keeping the Democrat primary system alive as long as possible, and who better to bloody up Obama politically than the Clintons? He has to be bloodied up; he has to be taken off that game of messiah that he was on. This has worked.

Operation Chaos has exceeded all objectives. The purpose of Operation Chaos was not to see to it that either one of these two is the nominee. We at Operation Chaos, your commanding officers, do not think we have that kind of power over this race. That’s not the objective. The Democrat primary is going to turn out however it turns out, and it’s going to turn out on the basis of the superdelegates and how they wish to go. Now, I have advised and addressed superdelegates on this program on numerous occasions last week, telling them that they should not fear what they are fearing, and that is going ahead and nominating Obama because if they take it away from him, even though he’s losing all these primaries, they will forever lose the black vote. They will not. They have done far more damage to black people in this country with 50 years of liberal Democrat policies, than taking the nomination away from Obama, and blacks continue to vote Democrat. They stay with the Democrat Party. That’s not a fear that the superdelegates need to have. So please understand the purpose of Operation Chaos. We don’t have a crystal ball here. We have no idea who the nominee is going to be. We really don’t. I mean, the conventional wisdom is it’s Obama’s. Okay, fine. The purpose has been to keep this — and it’s worked, you have to admit.

Obama has now been taken off of his game big time and he hasn’t gotten it back. The Drive-Bys are circling the wagons trying to get him back on his game. I saw his speech last night in Indianapolis, I watched it. It’s not the same Obama. It wasn’t a bad speech, but it wasn’t the same Obama. There was nothing lofty in it, there was none of this messianic stuff, nothing about the future and hope and change. He got issue-specific and spent most of his time criticizing Senator McCain, who in turn has said he will not turn around and criticize Senator Obama. So the purpose of this has succeeded beyond our wildest objectives, keep the primary going. If these primaries tomorrow, let’s say that Obama wins them both, even by the smallest of margins, the Drive-By Media is going to be ecstatic. Even the New York Times, which endorsed Hillary, has basically thrown her under the bus, along with Obama trying to throw Wright under the bus, and they, for all intents and purposes, have chosen Obama. I don’t know about the editorial page, but the front page news reporters covering the campaign, it is clear that the Drive-By Media throughout wants Obama.

Joan Walsh, who’s the editrix of Salon.com has admitted, we have a sound bite, most of the Drive-By Media hate Mrs. Clinton; they despise her. The largest element of support that she’s getting, if you can call it support, is via Operation Chaos. What this tells me as your commanding officer is that had Operation Chaos not been implemented, this would have been over long ago and we’d be dealing with a far different Obama than we are today, an Obama that has not been damaged, an Obama that has not been brought down to earth, an Obama that would not have been seen as just an average, run-of-the-mill politician. And for whom do we have to thank for that? None other than the Reverend J. Wright, the Reverend J. Wright, he’s just a politician, he’s saying what he has to say, and that’s what really burned Obama up, because Obama really does think he’s special. Obama thinks he is unique. Obama thinks he is a cut above. He’s been brought down now. Operation Chaos has as its objective exactly what’s happened here. It is not in our battle plan — sort of like Operation Desert Storm was not to take out Saddam — Operation Chaos is not to determine who wins the Democrat primary. It is to see to it that it extends as long as possible, that the superdelegates have to make the choice, in the process committing political murder, and that hopefully this goes on through the Democrat convention in August, the 25th through the 28th, with the Republican convention following the very next week.

Now, last night, before Mrs. Clinton took to the stage, took to the podium in Indianapolis at their Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, they received news, and I am told this from inside sources, that Mrs. Clinton’s people told her that her internals show her losing Indiana. They told her this just before she took the stage and made the speech last night. They don’t think, according to the internal polls in the Clinton campaign, that she has it in Indiana. Which tells me, when I heard this last night — and I trust the source, by the way. I don’t think I’m being played here. I trust the source. It simply told me last night that if Mrs. Clinton’s own internals show her losing Indiana, it’s time to give her a push today. So the orders were issued in our first hour from here at headquarters, all of you who have registered Democrat, and you Republicans who have registered Democrat, vote Hillary to keep this going. Don’t worry about who wins the nomination. It’s not the point now. It is not something over which we have any control, but we can influence how long this thing gets dragged out.

Now, the Zogby poll is interesting. This is on their Internet site yesterday, both Indiana and North Carolina. In North Carolina it’s Obama 48, Clinton 39, so that’s a nine-point spread for Obama. It should be pointed out that Obama has turned around and doubled back and gone back to North Carolina. His original plan did not call for him to be in North Carolina today. He was going to stick it out in Indiana. But he’s doubled back and gone back there, which tells me that his internals are showing that it’s tightening up there. Now, this was supposed to be a massive landslide runaway because of the black vote. Howard Dean didn’t help things last night, because in North Carolina, you got a bunch of good old boys. You got the blue-collar white voters that Hillary is succeeding in getting, thanks to Operation Chaos, in Pennsylvania, Texas, and Ohio, but Obama can’t get ’em. He didn’t pull ’em off, and he spent a lot more money in North Carolina than he intended to. In Indiana, it’s a statistical dead heat: Obama 43, Clinton 41. This is as of May 2nd and 3rd in both states, 43-41 is Obama, a statistical dead heat. Mrs. Clinton was thought by the conventional wisdom to win this one.

However, her internals prior to her speech last night said that it looked bad, that her people didn’t think she could win, hence the orders from headquarters today and you might want to smirk at Zogby, but his numbers in Pennsylvania, he got the exact percentage, got the exact percentage right. I don’t know if that will hold true in Indiana once the votes are counted tomorrow night. So if she doesn’t win either, the Drive-Bys are just going to go orgasmic over Obama, and you’re going to hear calls for Mrs. Clinton to once again get out, and the pressure will be brought on Bill Clinton to tell her it’s over, can we stop this? This is causing all kinds of problems in our party. And they really don’t want to the pressure on their superdelegates. What does she do? Does she stay in to try to dominate West Virginia and Kentucky? Yes. She’s a fighter. She is not a quitter. She’s not going away no matter what happens tomorrow. I don’t think there’s going to be a blowout in either state. We don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see. But she’s not going anywhere. Snerdley, I know what you’re laughing about in there.

I’m not giving her a pep talk. Snerdley thinks I’m giving her a pep talk. Have you forgotten who we’re dealing with here? We are dealing with the Clintons. This is the thing that she has lived for, it’s the reason she put up with all of that excrement daily being married to that lug head that she’s married to. This is the payoff. She’s going to say ‘Congratulations, Obama, you’ve run a really great race and I’m heading back to the kitchen to bake cookies.’ Do you think that’s going to happen? You know they don’t quit. And with the Drive-By Media lining up all against them, that’s gonna fuel ’em up even more. Oh, way to go, Dawn, way to go. This is why she thinks I have a crush on her, because I’m giving you honest political analysis, ladies and gentlemen.

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