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RUSH: Now, I want to go back to Operation Chaos and, you know, we’ve had some intimidation factors in Indiana where various Democrat Party pooh-bahs and bosses have intimidated, or attempted to intimidate Operation Chaos soldiers. Now, Indiana is an open primary and it seems to me that you have a civil right to vote however you wish in a state where registration is open. If you don’t want crossover voters, or even nonaffiliated voters voting in Democrat primaries then the law should say so or the party rules should say so, but to try to intimidate Republican voters and Operation Chaos operatives in advance of an election merely because they seek to exercise their franchise to vote is a disgrace.

Now, as I understand it, they’re going to have to monitors at the polls, and they’re going to check to see if crossover voters, Republican crossover voters, have changed from their past registration just this one time, and they’re going to then tell the crossovers that they’re being watched. Now, the bottom line with all this is, they can’t stop anybody from voting however they wish. It’s an open primary. They say it’s some sort of a crime. I don’t know if it’s a felony, but it’s some sort of a crime for Republican crossovers — i.e., Operation Chaos operatives — to go in and vote in the Democrat primary when it’s open! The only way a voter could get in trouble here is if the voter turns himself in after voting. And even then, it’s a long shot that anybody would be in trouble. So here are today’s orders for Indiana Operation Chaos operatives. Flood these precincts. Vote for Mrs. Clinton as an act of defiance against these police state tactics as a form of protest. Indiana Democrat pooh-bahs do not get to intimidate us. They don’t get to tell us how to vote and attempt to change the rules in the end of the game. I’m not in favor of these open primaries, but if they’re open, then they’re open.

As I have said, when Democrats and independents flooded Republican primaries to install McCain, that was touted as McCain appealing across party lines. Now when Operation Chaos operatives cross party lines and go ahead and vote for Mrs. Clinton, that’s called mischief, that’s called tampering with an election, that’s called un-American. None of that is true. What is un-American, and what is mischievous, is attempting to intimidate voters as they approach the polling place. By the way, the polls in Indiana, Zogby who called Pennsylvania, it’s a dead heat, and Obama is up by two points in the margin of error in Indiana, it’s a dead heat out there. No changes in orders for you Operation Chaos operatives in Indiana. And again, I reference the New York Times piece on Saturday. They went out and they found a couple of Republicans to say they were voting in the Democrat primary, but that I had nothing to do with it. They didn’t mention Operation Chaos by name. But the very fact they did the story, and the very fact that they pooh-poohed the notion — I mean, they do say in the story that clouding the circumstances is Rush Limbaugh. They might even mention Operation Chaos. I’ve got the story somewhere here in the Stack. I’ll get it in a minute. But the bottom line is they ran the story attempting to discredit it just as they ran a story in one of their polls that they do at CBS saying that Reverend Wright had no impact on anybody. So the Drive-Bys are circling the wagons now for Obama. Now that they think he’s weathered the Wright storm, they’re circling the wagons for Obama.

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