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RUSH: A reminder: Operation Chaos has not been called off, despite the best efforts of the Drive-By Media to mislead everybody. Let’s listen, shall we? Let’s go back. We had this audio sound bite series in the latter part of the last hour yesterday. This is Paul Begala, The Forehead. And, you know — and I’m only going to say this because of what you’re going to hear The Forehead say, but — if you look at The Forehead head-on, his head looks like the shape of an egg. So you’re going to hear The Forehead and Donna Brazile. They’re on CNN. This is Tuesday on their Election Center show, two sound bites. The hostette is Campbell Brown, and she said to The Forehead, ‘I gotta bring [The Forehead] into this and get his take on what everybody’s been saying about beating up your candidate.’

THE FOREHEAD: I love Donna. I’m going to give her a chance — We go back 22 years and we have never been on different sides of an argument in our entire lives. But — but if her point is that, you know, there’s a new Democratic Party that somehow doesn’t need or want white working-class people and — and Latinos, well, count me out.

BRAZILE: Paul, baby, I didn’t say that!

THE FOREHEAD: We cannot win with eggheads and African-Americans, okay? That’s the Dukakis coalition, which carried ten states and — and gave us four years of the first George Bush.

RUSH: ‘We cannot win with eggheads and African-Americans…that’s the Dukakis coalition.’ All right, Donna Brazile, who is an African-American, is not happy with this. We have an Uncivil War going on here in the Democrat Party. Here is her reply.

BRAZILE: I’ve drank more beers with Joe Six-Packs, Jane Six-Pack —

THE FOREHEAD: (chuckling) Ha. Ha.

BRAZILE: — and everybody else than most white Democrats that you’re talking about. I’m saying that we need to not divide —


BRAZILE: — and polarize the Democratic Party as if the Democratic Party —

THE FOREHEAD: That’s right.

BRAZILE: — will rely simply on white, blue-collar male. You insult every black blue-collar Democrat by saying that. So stop the division. Stop trying to split us into these groups, Paul, because you and I both know we have been in more campaigns.


BRAZILE: Just don’t divide me and tell me I cannot stand in Hillary’s camp because I’m black, and I can’t stand in Obama’s camp because I’m female —

THE FOREHEAD: That’s — Donna, you make a —

BRAZILE: — because I’m both —


BRAZILE: — and I’m grumpy, so I might want McCain and go sit with Bill Bennett, Paul.

BENNETT: That’s fine.

BRAZILE: Don’t start with me, baby.

RUSH: Now, here’s the thing about this. The Forehead is saying that the Democrats cannot win without blue-collar — white blue-collar — voters, and there’s no question he’s right about that. The Democrats are essentially trying to say that they can come up with a new coalition that doesn’t require them, and they’re saying this because Obama can’t get them. Now, everybody… You know, here’s Brazile, who is all bothered about the insult to black blue-collar workers. But has anybody noticed that Obama is getting 90% of the black vote? And nobody thinks that’s racist. Nobody sees any problem. In fact, the Drive-Bys and the Democrats say, ‘Why, that’s cool! Why, that’s absolutely wonderful: 90% of the black vote voting for the black guy.’ If 90% of white people voted for the white candidate, we would never hear the end from these same people about how racist it is. If 90% of the white vote in the Democrat primaries were going for Hillary, folks, we would have an even greater Uncivil War going on. In the meantime, Mrs. Clinton went ahead and got in on this. Last night, USA Today’s Kathy Kiely interviewed Senator Clinton and asked this question. ‘How does Hillary Clinton win the nomination?’

HILLARY: There was just an AP article posted that found how Senator Obama’s, uh, support among working — uh, hardworking Americans — uh, white Americans is weakening again and how whites in both states, who had not completed college, were supporting me. I have a much broader base to build a winning coalition on.

RUSH: She is liked by white people, and Obama is weak with white Americans. That’s what she’s saying. Now, she is being charged, she is being accused today of instituting a new front in the Uncivil War in the Democrat Party. Meanwhile, 90% of the black vote’s voting for Obama, that’s celebrated. Mrs. Clinton comes out and says, ‘Well, there’s no other way. It’s simple mathematics. I’m getting a lot of the white vote.’

‘She’s racist! This is not right; this is bad for the Democrat Party. How dare she say this?’

But it’s not racist when 90% of the black vote votes for Obama. By the way, the thing in Washington she was attending is Celebrating Generations of Women, and she had remarks about women voters, too.

HILLARY: When I was counted out in New Hampshire, it was the women of New Hampshire who came back (applause) and said, ‘No, she’s not finished yet!’ (screaming over applause) When I was counted out before Super Tuesday, it was women from California to Massachusetts who came and said, ‘No, we’re not finished yet.’

RUSH: So look at what she’s doing here. She’s, A, following my advice. If you were listening to yesterday’s program, I did a monologue — a heartfelt monologue — directed and aimed at all the women who have supported Hillary who are being disrespected, who know that Hillary is the last and only chance for them to see a female president in their lifetime, and they are being screwed. Once again, an inexperienced good-looking dweeb comes along, gets the promotion after Hillary has followed the path, followed the rules, climbed the rungs of the ladder all these many years; and she’s hit the glass ceiling because her party and the people that support her are going to go with this untested rookie dweeb who happens to look good, who happens to sound good’ and I said to the women of America who support Hillary, ‘You are being disrespected,’ and she’s now followed my advice.

So she’s now doing two things. She is appealing to women to save her again, and she’s pointing out (paraphrased), ‘Hey, you know, I’ve got the Democrat coalition that could win in November. I’ve got some white people voting for me. I’ve got some average, ordinary American white people. The only white people Obama’s got are these egghead elitists and these effete snobs in the academy. But I got a cross section of all of this,’ is what she’s trying to say. Now, she said this in West Virginia, and as far as the Drive-Bys are concerned, West Virginia may as well be Alabama; may as well be Mississippi. It’s Deliverance as far as the Drive-Bys are concerned. I mean, it’s the land of incest. It’s the land where they do all these horrible, horrible things in the South, the things that they do. This is what the Drive-Bys and the elites in the academy, in the Northeast, this is what they think. So they’re saying today, some of the reactions are, ‘Well, of course! Look where Mrs. Clinton is saying all this. She has to say this to these dumb white people and the best place to say it — to address dumb white people — is in a state like West Virginia,’ which also happens to produce — well, it didn’t produce him. He moved there, a sharecropper who went and took over: Jay Rockefeller.

So the bottom line here is that the Uncivil War in the Democrat Party has been reopened. Now, anybody who thinks that Mrs. Clinton is just going to slink away and go away has another think coming. She has no intention of doing that, and they’re going to base this, they’re going to base their attempts here on winning these next primaries and going into the convention or going into the rules and bylaws committee meeting on May 31st — which she controls, by the way — trying to do something with the Florida and Michigan delegations to get them seated, because that would give her a huge bump. The superdelegates are not talking to her. She’s not actually making a direct pitch. Harvey Weinstein, the big-time movie producer a month ago called Nancy Pelosi and threatened to cut off funding to the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee from his Hollywood buddies if Pelosi didn’t back off and start trying to tilt the deck toward Obama. So there’s all kinds of chaos that continues to reign supreme in the Democrat Party and the Drive-By Media.

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